The Etruscan Smile

So there I was watching one of the most interesting of films, Etruscan Smile. I have a preview in another post. However here is another one.

Here are some items on the film. It’s well written. There is some discrimination against the main character in the film for being Scot. His moving through his environment is intoxicating. I was rooting for him the entire time. To leave his home and travel all the way to the States is bold. To endure for a time is amazing. Is it too city? No. It’s new in my mind. A return to family perhaps not expected but taken anyway. It’s classic but not old hat. It has it all this film: love, dance, soiree, and the most amusing smile found on an Etruscan funerary statue. One of which I have studied before in my Classical Archaeology classes from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. It is a way to go and be memorialized. What a statement. Such statuary is common with the civilization.

I loved the film. If you get to see it please do. If you get to view the statuary please do. I believe I’ve seen the one in the Louvre. It is a commanding piece and the film is similar. You’re bound to love the film.

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