Did you hear about CNN coverage of Trump’s comments to Black Press representatives at a press conference? The representatives in question were women.

I was watching CNN live a snippet clip of coverage of Trump’s press conferences. Commentary by CNN’s correspondent Baldwin was incensed her peeps could not be heard and were treated disrespectfully in front of peers. I saw the clip. It was crazy. Who is he to stand in the way of the press? She was barely able to get parts of question out before the President cut her off. Why did this happen? Then he told other or someone to sit down. Ugh. Just what is the issue? Racism? Discrimination in the press room? Yes. And also perhaps. The real issue is really the President and his Administration with regards to the Impeachment proceedings and also the dealings with foreign dignataries on other matters of import perhaps all slushing together. This is perhaps making him cranky. I do not know but I know what I saw was wrong. Let’s remove race for a moment and not assume everything is personal in a press conference. Perhaps then the questions can be heard properly and responded to? Perhaps we would’ve heard the black correspondent? I am a black press correspondent for my blog and sometimes other outlets. It is difficult to get in the room simply as press; don’t make it about race or gender as well. Take it. We are here: we are known as women and sometimes colored. We are strong and part of your Nation. Don’t rock the boat. Let us do that and you respond. You are guiding us to these upcoming elections, what are the initiatives and what can I expect as press? What, Sir would you respond to the accusations of perhaps inciting White Nationalists if you had the time to respond as you wished? I would like to know. Perhaps someone will send the offensive questions to your Administration so we can find out the answers. I would like to hear what the President has to say. What would it be like to have these three black press correspondents interview the President in another venue perhaps officiated by CNN? I am waiting. I’m sure the world is as well. It will be another slice of pie on your already overflowing plate. Sir? Over to you.


On another note I was not able to make the Democratic debates at LMU. I wasn’t able to get my credentials done in time. That sucked. But what about it? Debates. Where are the Republicans? Where are the Independents? What about these Green Parties? Why are we carrying parties when they do not run? What are they doing all year? I’d like to know. 2020 looms.

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