For Fucks Finally!! Second Hand Smoke gets recognized….

I’m an engineer. It’s pretty obvious second hand Smoke is a problem. It’s always been an issue for me having had an emergency at age 7 when locked up with 4 family members that smoked various forms of smoking products like pipe and cigarettes. I was in a car and ended up with ringing in the ears and needing to go to emergency.

it evolved eventually into a paper done in college on second hand Smoke. So now we have something in second hand and a movement in modern day…..vaping, cannabis, tabacco….though pipe tabacco seems to be different.

ibthink its time to look even further asking questions about how such second hand Smoke exposure affects those who might be drug tested at work. Things of veterans and government workers for example. I thought only a fool would allow the sale of cannibis, narcotic and psychedelic when exposure to second hand Smoke does more than just cancer potentially. What about the effects of being high by second hand Smoke exposure? What about standing around friends or having lunch at restaurants near establishments that sell cannibis? How does the smoke travel? How long to dissipate? What happens when smoke settles on food?

This needs consideration just like the use of hemp. When did labling need to take a back seat? Same consideration for drug tests. Lab l the food please. Does hemp behave like cannibis? Get going FDA and other agencies.

Now Michigan is getting legal? Ugh! When did this become ok to approve widespread before the clear understandings of impact on population users and non. Say no to this? The Big Smoke at University of Michigan is just for the interested not everyone. I am a test engineer background. Get your data in line. If vaping is a huge dump everywhere why are you moving in cannibis in Michigan and even opening restaurants? When is cocaine becoming legal? When are we getting certified Western herbalists as healers in the USA recognized?

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