Superman & Hollywood

I’ve been almost a week after the coverage of the funeral of Christopher Dennis ‘Hollywood Superman’. I wondered if time away would make it different and make me wonder more about death. It did and did not. I’m not really into funerals and this was the first ‘Hollywood’ funeral that I’ve covered. I found it to be interesting and a bit odd. His death at the cemetery was unusual. I wondered about the selection of music. ‘Somewhere In Time’ played softly. I didn’t get it. Was this Christopher Reeve or a stalker of his work? I wondered what the world would think about him especially the comic book world. I didn’t note any comic book stores or coverage from the comic book world other than my own take. I wondered what was the point of going around in the ‘suit’. Was it what he was buried in? I hoped not. To be only known for the Superman ‘gig’….is perhaps not so great. There weren’t really anyone from the comic book industry. Only really me covering a comic book slant. I wondered how this man was regarded. I wondered now about kooky-ism. Strange or odd behavior. I don’t know, but the consideration of him later is worth noting.

I can ‘google’ him just like anyone else. I can also ‘read’ the obit, but can I just take in the experience and comment on how ‘I’ (emphasis) take this man? Yes I can. It’s important. The use of other references is sometimes dodgy. You’ve got to choose carefully. I wanted to make sense of the death of a man. It’s the reason most go to funerals; to make sense of death. To consider it in relation to past experiences: was his obit great or awful?; did he have a great ‘turn out’; did he have a ‘cool reception’? Did he have a ‘following’? Well in all honesty his obit looked awful, but he had tons of photographers and that turned an interesting eye. Was this man followed by the public? Surely there’s something there. People devoted to this man’s pursuits. Or else why waste the lens? I’m a photographer. You never waste your lens. The eye knows ‘news-worthy’. The camera has a ‘nose’ about it. I caught a fellow photographer in work. I love getting shots like these. Into the melee we go with just our eyes.

I wondered of his ‘angle’ and coverage of the event. I knew I would take the ‘geek’ route and go comic books, but these other stories couldn’t be missed. ‘Somewhere In Time’ and not the Superman Theme. I commented on this in my other write-up on the event. It speaks mystery. At any rate I’m going to move on.

I’d like to continue along this vein of a man in a costume suit and the purpose of it in the modern world. I noted there were no other costumed folks in attendance. What did that mean? You’d almost expect him to have friends who also dressed up in costume. Did he not go to comic book conventions have his friends also in costume? Where were they? Not here at the church. It spoke of a man alone almost. It’s sad but it would’ve been a great angle to have his friends there also costumed whichever hero they portrayed. It’s how Cosplay is in the modern world. Perhaps he was too old for the role of Cosplay at convention halls. I didn’t want to think he wasn’t cool. I don’t know. I’m not saying I’ve seen ‘geezers’ in costume before and they’re lame. I mean dang. I’m only 2 years younger than this dude. What made this guy stuffy such that he didn’t have a cool funeral? Perhaps it was the man he was trying to portray. Christopher Reeve Superman. Maybe he was too hoity-toity Christopher Reeve to be Cosplay? It’s something to think about. What does this mean for the loyal hero fan willing to go the distance and don the gear? I don’t want to see it pushed to ‘whacky’ land. That does society feel? Is it too late to place these dreamers? I hope not.

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