The LasVegas Democratic NBC Debates

Ok. I’m really excited. I’ve applied as press. My credentials this year have been rough. I didn’t get Oscars or the Independent Film Awards. I did get the Isreal Film Festival and a few others such as the LA Auto Show (see my YouTube channel And She Saw Stars) but I’m really hoping to open up my readership so hopefully I will get access. I can’t wait. The latest news is that they’ve opened up the debates to Mr. Mike Bloomberg; allowing certain requirements to be scrapped. The change is interesting and I must admit the requirements to get access to present are remanescent of high school debate entrances giving it a down to earth vibe and easy to understand. I find it relieving. Such transparency is needed especially after difficult elections such as when Gore ran. It’s very modern and feels very ‘of the people’. I hope to be there watching them sweating it out like good old fashion elections aught to be.

I hope they talk about students and debt, city planning and support from the Federal to expand and renovate our cities and keep them supportable over the centuries. I also want to hear about hierloom agriculture. The past First Lady Obama had a great initiative of planting and community farming. What happened to that? I love food and organics are important to me as I have bad reactions to food with pesticides. I can actually taste it. Yuk! I love sustainable farming and small batch produce of unusual vegetables and fruits if the Earth. Variety in ones diet is important to insure you get a great profile of food, vitamins, color, and taste/texture to keep one vital and healing organically. Don’t lose this. I would also like to see a renovation of WIC and services for our Nation’s poor. Can we re-envision it such that we can get away stigmas and shame regarding difficult financial times? As a adult student I live living the student Life and it’s very exciting when done right. Affordable foods at organic prices for WIC etc is groovy. Turning over student support for paid jobs is a rite of passage. Don’t forget there’s more than just starving mom looking for WIC or food stamps. Don’t forget students have pride as they are future lawyers, paid folk and are worth the investment like starving mom. I saw at one food market outside where they would take food stamps and WIC coupons. I thought yay and the quality was ok. Do more if that at upscale outdoor markets as well. See your students and populations make it fun to shop for a time using funding of this type. It can become a jumping point for other revamps. Veterans program revamps are also key for me. I think more GI Bill for veterans who have used their benefit and need to finish the degree are critical. I’ve submitted recommendations for reclamation of benefits that are not used are a key found to pass along to veterans that still have a ways to go. Don’t waste what can recycled with ease. Think about it.

Here’s hoping I get credentialed.

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