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Unable to attend debates, but reviewing transcripts.

I wasn’t able to obtain credentials for the debates. I was really hoping to attend. It would’ve been a first. At any rate I did receive a true download of the proceedings. I’m reviewing it now. I’ll hope to write about it soon.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of psychic debris. Too much people. Too much unreliability. Not enough hope. Not enough truth. These things are important to remember and keep in mind. Life is really that short. I had hoped to attend the debates as I’m looking to broaden the content of my blog and You Tube Channel. I expect that even in post scripts I will be able to get much done for my readership. I expect the upcoming elections to be exciting, but I’ll see from the information that I’ve received if it’ll really be so. I’m looking for more parties and more diversity. I don’t know if we’ll really obtain it. Why are we only doing Democratic Debates? I’m hoping to find out. I’ve heard that President Trump has done a rally, perhaps this is the Republican position? Will there be no debates as they’ve chosen him to go forward for their group? What about the Independents and Green Parties? I’ve seen these groups on the poll over the years but where are they? Is the running for the Presidency a race for the paid? Is it that they don’t have enough funding or is it interest? I wonder if they are actively running for this position or perhaps simply other positions?

One thing I’d hoped to inquire into is the future of the Presidency. Will there be any changes in how the office is administered and operated? I for one would love to see changes. I do believe the incorporation more of the past Presidents would be stellar. To have a board of past Presidents operating for a period of time as a group would be interesting and likely appropriate. Then you are able to have accountability as well as assistance for handling of prior Presidencies initiatives and the adjudication of the terms. It’d also be great to see some form of coming to clarity of the initiatives of the First Ladies. It always feels to me they have great ideas some of which never come to full term. Are we still running any from the prior First Ladies or even Family Initiatives? Who is handling them? It would be great to see prior First Ladies still take the stage pressing their initiatives and using their Executive Powers to help mold the nation. Many of their ideas span diverse fields leaving often not much to worry about conflicting points from First Lady to First Lady. I find that even if perhaps there were conflicting points is this not a great opportunity for the First Ladies to campaign for the progression of their initiatives into real application? I found particularly First Lady Obama’s initiative regarding community and gardening very wise. This was something I’d love to see again. This of course would be a great dove-tail from points of First Lady Regan who was very much into community, responsibility, and the education of children. I was very young when First Lady Regan was in, but I do remember those impressions. First Lady Obama of course is very recent and easy to recall, but more importantly I really resonated with her ideas. Now when you question about the resiliency of the Executive Powers of the First Ladies to think to First Lady Clinton who went on to become Madam Secretary. To this I think we must say cheers for you cannot limit the vision of First Ladies to mere terms of office linked solely to the Presidency. Do not lose these visions for the people.

I look forward to the evolution of the Office of the President. Perhaps an emphasis on the Offices of the Presidency (my invent) may reveal more Executive Powers and more importantly allow the shoring up of powers already in action to where we can see a full presence of the Office of the President. This would be perhaps a Former President Cabinet including the past let’s say 4 Presidents with a modest representation of their Cabinet (perhaps 1 to 2 individuals) perhaps the Secretary of State and the Treasurer. The Presidency of the Former First Ladies would be the similar. The Former First Lady and a modest representation of her Cabinet. Hmm? Did you not see that perhaps the First Lady deserves something of a Cabinet? Consider this an evolution of perhaps the Office of the President. Is the First Lady something we elect or something we simply get because of the President (perhaps in the future there will be a First Gentleman should the President be female)? Often the spouse is very active with ideas of their own on how to campaign for constituents and dollars and tangibles for the Nation. I think we have to look at this in reality what are we getting with the spouses of the President and Vice President. Consider what is possible and what is the reality from past tenants. I think you will see opportunities for the execution of Executive Powers that have sometimes been overlooked to the sorrow of the People and the Reach of the Nation. Consider perhaps a palette of the President in the future which will include the President, VP, the First Ladies and Families, but may also include a Cabinet of the Former Presidents (which includes their Secretary of State and I would go with Treasurer over the VP in this case as the VP is sometimes their own Office; the VP would of course step in should the Former President be unavailable), Cabinet of the Former First Ladies; perhaps a Cabinet of Former VPs (to include VP in Office) assisting Congress. Something novel and powerful might be in the making.

Well. I’m off and will be commenting on the debates after I get through the transcripts. I thought I’d just comment about some of the ideas that come to me when I think about our Nation. I want to see more. I want to see the implementation of right use of Executive Power. I don’t want to see amazing Initiatives cut short because of funding or term length. We are stunting ourselves and cutting us short. We have these ideas of health care, healthy food, gathering of and right expenditure of dollars….to name a few running around. Let’s allow these things to breathe and see how much healthier our Nation becomes.

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