Ramen Noodle

I wanted to add more to this entry but I didn’t get a chance and ended up posting without additional text. I love cooking and eating and I love being on the road. In today’s environment I find it very odd and very scary to be out; everyone is doing masks and everyone is standing distances apart similar to when one is in the line for the ATM.

The biggest point is that everyone seems to not be very kind or very nice. I find a lot of ‘ghetto’ behavior across all the areas I travel and it makes me wonder if it’s worth standing in line when people are so mean.

Despite this though I do try, but I’ve had very bad experiences to where I just keep going now if there’s lines or even folks outside. It looks very much like not the place to spend time.

Outside of Pinkberry though yesterday I found a kind soul and it was such a relief to know that God was alive and walking around helping singular stars and passing the motley crew obviously by….Spend time and money where it’s worth it and not where it’s a sink hole.

So taking a look at my video you’ll see a few items, the importance of eating. The importance of good eating. The importance of good company. The importance of fine dining even under duress and ‘combat’ conditions because don’t let it be any twist here, we are under combat conditions. Pandemic. I would like to draw the attention to what’s important. Training. How you’ve been raised is a good place to start. What’s also important is to look for places that show signs of having trained for such events; you’re bound to get professionalism and honesty there. If you go to any other place you’ll likely find quacks and meanies: go to your own training and press on.

I would not waste my time on trash. Do you see me dining on trash? No. That’s what you’re doing when you encounter anyone. Dining. Don’t take any shit and certainly don’t consume it. 🙂 Remember organic is better especially when it comes to noodles. This brand sucks because it doesn’t have the quality noodle to stand the tastes of time, but in a pinch and with prayer you can make it through and it’s edible. Hey, it’s what was on the shelf anyway and you happened to have been there.

Keep shopping. Finding nice people and nice times is worth it. Crappy people and crappy times; especially racist times are fucking out!!!

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