Donations for And She Saw Stars

I was asked to put this together so as to let folks who are interested an opportunity to donate to me. The video talks about my interests and also how donations will be used and why donate.

If you decide to donate it’ll go to great cause. I’m currently on break from school and working to update my papers and doing quite a bit of writing. This video is from many months ago and has been on my YouTube channel: And She Saw Stars. It does have content that hasn’t been posted here.

Donating to And She Saw Stars is a donation to a freelance writer, a fashion design student/designer (I have shown on runway), engineer, and photographer. Money will be used for school and also for my freelance writing activities such as traveling for research or home stuff. How funds are used will likely be covered in the future like a little budgetary review depending on how it goes with funding. If folks are interested and donations come, then I will start tracking.

Thanks so much. Contact me via email with any questions: Also you can find me at under my name for Tuition Assistance and I do have Paypal pools as well I’m trying out.

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