I wanted to write about something that mattered and so I won’t be talking about Covid. What I will be talking about are masks. At comic book conventions they were selling everywhere! but does that make them medically cleared to be worn during these times?

Let’s think about pop culture and how it has risen to the occasion and helped millions of people during a time of difficulty with fashion. These things have been very helpful and it reminds me that I was looking at ‘mask fashion’ just prior to the start of these timings. I was wondering about places in Asia where people are still wearing masks as post SAR victims/societies and I wondered where masks might go in current pop culture that doesn’t want to live in a world filled with disease or ‘disease scare’ or the threat of diseases entering the world as weapons.

I looked on frequently wondering where things might go that might make a fashion commentary something that can be brought more into a mainstream usage. It’s very difficult as I think masks around the mouth area will always carry a ‘medical’ vibe. I think it’s important to look at that. How much in our minds are we able to take on a look of a character that might have an unusual look around the mouth in order to create our look when we put on the costume versus overcome what we already have in place as a society when it comes to associations: coverings around the mouth….thief….bank robber….medical illness….doctor, etc.

Something to think about.

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