Blogging Me

I can’t believe I’ve been away from writing, but I’ve been updating my pages and so I’ve been doing my work. I wanted to comment about all the great comments I’ve been receiving on my posts and pages. Thanks to those that are looking at my stuff. I really appreciate it. Sorry if it’s been awhile to get back to you. I don’t mean to take so long. At any rate I’ll be updating my pages and hopefully you’ll get to see my new content.

If you get a chance to check out my YouTube Channel And She Saw Stars, please do. There’s content there. I’ll be updating that page hopefully soon such that it’s a bit more orderly. I have content from my runway shows and also content from my events I’ve covered and content about food. There’s a lot there for only a few videos. I’m hoping to generate more interest there.

Now from there I’m also working on my e-porfolio at You can find my photography there and you can also find my galleries there to showcase events I’ve covered.

If you’re interested please check out these links. I hope you like what I’m writing.

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