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I’ve been a New Mutants fan since I was a teen. I was there when the graphic novel was released and I couldn’t believe it: the format…..what was this? It was my first graphic novel. I know I used graphic novel in the sentence before saying it was my first, but you really had to be there. I hadn’t really seen anything this large before except in the format of like Ebony Magazine or something like that. It was awesome. I didn’t know it was an intro to new characters and new stories that would later come out regularly as comic books.

At any rate I was hooked.

Now in 2020 a film is on the way. I finally can see them on the big screen. It’s a different look though and so I’m not too sure how I’ll feel. Where’s Karma? Surely she can’t be forgotten and perhaps you’ll see them in future series films of them which is what I pray for. I think they should have at least 7-8 films for the big screen. Don’t little screen unless you do an Inhumans where you release to the big screen and then do a series, but if you do….don’t forget the big screen: return. Think of the series across many canvases if you do that. I personally think the trend to series and streaming to be the wrong way to go. Big screen all the way for the New Mutants. It’s the right thing to do. Have you heard that Artemis Fowl, originally intended for the big screen, is now for Disney+ and streaming? WTF? I am not going to be able to see that anymore. Don’t Artemis Fowl the New Mutants…believe in them and their ability to traverse many dimensions and keep it for the release date 28 August 2020 to the BIG SCREEN. Don’t punk out. Remember many have been waiting for this and I’m sure you can tell I’m one of them.

Now the plot: Magik and the Big Bear? I could’ve sworn that was Danielle Moonstar in the books that did the big battle. Wasn’t she Valkyrie by then? I checked Wikipedia and it looks like she wasn’t. I could’ve sworn there was another encounter with the bear when she was Valkyrie. At any rate we will see how the film does. I can’t wait to see it. If you get to participate in the San Diego Comic Con @ Home, there is a sweepstakes going on for New Mutants movie posters. There was a great showcase of fan art and it was well worth it. I did a Tweet and I hope I win.

Image taken from Wikipedia: New Mutant Theatrical Release Poster

These aren’t the posters necessarily for giveaways, but this is one of the posters I hope to buy one day. If you take a look at the video up above you can see the posters for the sweepstakes. I love what I’ve seen. It’s amazing.

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