#OneofthemostbeautifulvideosIveeverseen #KanyeRunawayVideo

I was up this AM wondering what to write about. What to blog about. What to say. It’s been awful here for me. My entire body is hurting from an injury I have.

I hope it gets better. I am/was a dancer and it’s the most awful thing; almost as awful as it was when I damaged my pinky finger and couldn’t play my flute for weeks.

I know what you’re thinking what video? Well. If you ever get a chance to wander over to Kayne’s Vevo channel on YouTube consider it a worthwhile meandering. Getting lost on his little page was like wandering the streets of London when I was there and coming across a little road or alley that took you too the most amazing shops that sold inks, paper, or some other oddity that you’d never find on the High Street.

This crazy beauty is what I saw. I almost passed out it was so lovely. I am very thankful to have been able to see such art with my own eyes before I ever pass away.

Don’t be stupid. Take a chance and view ‘beauty’ in action.

I love the set up. I love the artistic expression. I love Kanye in it. An alluring lounge lizard in the most swanky of cafe’s where everyone waits patiently to get in. I would stand in line. Who wouldn’t. A feast so lovely is very rare.

The dancers and lyricisms are unparalleled. I’ve played in orchestra and so I know what that’s like. I know what it looks like when I see it. See it here and then go experience it. Either with Kayne during a particular show he might be putting on (he did something for SNL that looks like it might be akin), but really go to the orchestra listen and then watch this again. You’ll see why it’s so worthy of note, awards, etc.

Now once you’ve recovered take a look at the full film. I’m going to be honest: I haven’t looked at it yet, I’m still in the earlier paragraphs of my own writing. When I get my syncopations aright such that I can handle the viewing, I will watch. I often drink art so once this drunken stupor has passed, I will take another gander to admire art again.

May we always drink deeply from the wells of Inspiration. May we always drink deep and leave filled to the brink with things of Dream.

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