‘Play It Again Sam’: A trend for 2020 Year of Second Death

I wanted to write about my trend analysis for 2020 which I’ve called ‘The Year of Second Death’. For those of you who follow my trend analysis you’ll remember that 2019 was ‘The Year of Death’ and so we are now looking at another year of Death. Originally I was looking to call 2020 ‘The Year of the Goddess’, but as 2020 loomed the energies had shifted and it was apparent another year of death would be the theme.

When you look at the Covid-19 and the pandemic you can get a little insight into what I’m talking about. I hadn’t expected a full blown pandemic to show up, but it did. So what does this mean for fashion and fashion trends. This is when I began to think about things of black and things of unisex, but also things of ill fit. Getting up and rolling out of bed attire: This is the ‘Play It Again Sam’ theme that is a portion of the 2020 Year of Second Death that weaves through 2020. This means a lot of khakis, things of Lee and also Levis, but also clothes you’ve had in your closet for years and now have the opportunity to go through and determine if there’s still a need. There is also a thread for vintage shopping and even shopping at the Salvation Army that may come up bringing in retro styles and even retro bonuses of fashion that no one has even seen that is going for a steal. Get those buys. With Stimulus Check money isn’t this what we’re to do with some of the funds: help the economy and fills gaps where we are lacking due to the stressors on the Nation due to the pandemic? I think so in parts, it’s part of a return to normal ops if we’re to go that route. It’s also possible to see perhaps a return of Covid in new ways as sometimes viruses can morph or the themes of we’re hitting second waves of the pandemic. Even if these are sensationalistic it’s still a thread of a second death theme. Look for fashion to perhaps not be so important in many cases. Look for fashion to decline and even look for businesses on the brink to perhaps fall. However it’s also a chance for those who have been thought long dead to return to life. Take for example the Hudson site project in Detroit Michigan which closed it’s doors in 1983 and was demolished in the 90’s. Its coming back and I for one am excited. I have great memories of shopping Downtown Detroit at Hudson’s and I can’t wait for it to reopen.


This means the Year of Second Death is also a year of second chances….chances for things to return from the dead or return to life brand new and better than ever. This could be your fashion closet, burned and destroyed due to inadequacies but then brought back to the speed you’ve been looking for. Don’t be afraid to find your return to the fashion stage or fashion world. Don’t be afraid to take chances with color. In 2020 you’ll see many things delayed but also many things held off so something better as a fanfare can happen. Many fireworks displays have been canceled, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go search for ones from years prior to watch again.

Enjoy your 4th holiday! Year of Second Death is an interesting year for fashion.

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