The Goings On….

I’ve been working on my freelance stuff and it’s been rough. I’ve been on break from school and I’m hoping to return soon. I miss doing design. I’ve been around and looking at the stores….it’s sad; many are closing. I’m so sad about Pier 1. I wish they could’ve stayed. I been a long time fan. Declaring bankruptcy is difficult and I can’t imagine what it’s like to do as a CEO. I’m hoping things will improve. I’m not sure how stimulus is affecting businesses.

Looking for the new amidst turmoil is difficult sometimes. I wonder what will come in for that industry: household goods to help. I’ve seen an RH Outlet near the Pier 1 I’ve seen that’s closing. I’m glad to see that activity and hope the neighborhood will benefit. It can only do so as RH is a great store. I’ve blogged about them before and they are awesome. It’s a great place to visit for shopping and inspiration. I’m going to dream big dreams for the neighborhoods so that they can dream big dreams as well. I’m sure stores will return. I’m sure new ones will be smashing. I’m sure old ones that are able to survive the Corvid moment will be smashing too. I don’t know what it’ll be like in 10 years or even 5 years, but I’m sure it’ll be improved. Dreaming can do miracles and miracles are needed.

There is a lunar eclipse this 4th of July weekend. I heard about it from someone and then I heard about it again on the radio. If you are out and about during the time or even before the event….and even after (hopefully soon after it ends) do prayers. You’ll get the most amazing insights. Lunar eclipses are great for receiving energies and insights. You can delve a bit more into what is possible depending on what type of lunar eclipse it is. But at the minimum prayers around the event, even starting now on 1 Jul will give great insights into your life and also where you hope to go. It’ll give great insights into where the Earth is planning to go….space travel in the future or new types of farming practices. You can even gain little glimpses of these futures. As with any visions of these natures, always just breathe it through. Take notes and see what your heart says about how much to place stock into each one you’ve glimpse. The Earth is dreaming and it’s a great time to listen. Prayer and meditation…yoga….dance….all forms of prayer are great mediums.

I will perhaps write about it or do a YouTube….we’ll see; readings during this time will be most blessed. Remember the Earth as she moves and be thankful for moments we have; many are sick and dying (businesses and folks alike) and many are burgeoning and thriving. It’s a great, but challenging time. Enjoy the eclipse.

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