White Alert!

Like a sad missionary she approached, a white lady in her late 50’s to my window with a $5 in her hand. ‘Am I homeless?’ She asked. I asked her why? This was in fact the second white lady to have done this….and to be honest she was similar in appearance. With her mask on I asked her if she minded that I’d be rude as it was akin to asking me if I wash my hair everyday; something I used to get when I was in college. No. She didn’t mind and when I hit her with the truth and responded ‘white lady please leave the black lady alone’ she became very much offended. No I’m not homeless and she didn’t take note of my computer I was typing on, but she did take note I’d been here for 2 hours. Now why is a white lady looking at how long I’ve been sitting in the parking lot of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf when there’s no indoor seating during a pandemic?


I told her to leave after I asked why didn’t you ask if I was a writer or if I was a student? This is when you have to say ‘White Alert’. I’m not into stereotyping, but I’ve had it in a Floyd culture this stereotyping of folks. I’m a student doing freelance work, but more importantly my life is none of your business. A little common sense would’ve cleared it up for you if you had any ‘white lady’. #stupidwhites #dummyalert #racismin2020 #seconddeath #andshesawstars #nomoredumbquestions #nomoredumboldwhiteladies #stopthewhiteburden #blacklivesmatter #blackfolkswork #blackpeoplehavelivesandjobs #blackpeoplehaveshittodo #whyyoulookinatmewhitelady #whiteladygofindyourselfanothernigga #whiteladyfuckoff #givemepeoplenotwhite #givemejusticenothate #givemepeacenotCovid #gojumpintoalakewithrocks #middleagewhiteladiesneedbettermanners #nomoreKKK #nomorewhitesupremacy #nomorenonehip #nomore’Christ’ #nomoreyouonlygivingmefive

Give me Peace and the Re-education of Little Red

When you see an opportunity to re-educate, take it. That one racist white lady in her ‘meekness’ does more harm than a smiling anyone you don’t know who’s interested in if you’re a writer or not.

Does anyone know when integration became urban? When no one cared about skin color and everyone cared about becoming someone or something. In the mind of my eye I see a future world filled with people of a diverse nature. Not dinosaurs for my own hours. Old get out. Died in a great way: public. I want to mark you and your departure. I don’t need more Malcom X; he was done and has done his part….so has JFK and for that matter the MLK. The televisement of this war is here and in text I shall my victory and I shall your head: racism on a platter with too much condiments on the side. Hot lunch. I eat racism all the time. I’m black and from the affirmative action movement at University of Michigan. and that’s Ann Arbor. I’ve seen it all: all the signs of racism a smile in your face to make your face fall. You have to turn the other cheek and say or not say: I seen you before. That way when you kick it out of your yard it goes the distance. Call God and tell him to take his campaign of freedom somewhere else Archangel Gabriel is tired of fighting my battles.

I don’t really talk to strangers

This is how it goes sometimes? Guess who’s the blonde? It’s not the old lady. I only have to look away and I’ll find the true item of my own heart: freedom from slavery and the institutionalizing of kindness as a front for racism in action. Remember Floyd involves white people….not just white cops. I don’t want it ever to be forgotten that white cops that do evil of such a level are not really cops: they are this ‘white’ and this is the population that follows this line of thought; all else are folk. I haven’t watched the scenes of Floyd. When you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all and I have my own experiences to back my thought. Rodney King was enough. No more not realizing that #livesmatter #livesnotcolormatter #evilisevil #religiondoesntmatter #freedomtostudents #freelivestothepeople #studentlivesmatter #yourbusinessisnotmybusiness #notallwhitecopsareevil #notallblacksareslaves #slaveryendswhenyourmindamends

I was not raised to be racist when I was growing up, but certainly today’s society is changing that. Perhaps the racist in me needs to get out so I can live a better life.

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