I’ve just turned 50…

My birthday was a few days ago and I turned 50 and had the most horrible birthday. It didn’t go well at all. I wasn’t feeling well and every time I turned around it seemed like people were odd and weird. I wonder in today’s society where I fit as I’m not for a sick world. I’m not for a racist world, I was born in 1970. I’m not for a sexist world, I was in the US Air Force where such things are considered zero tolerance.

I don’t know to which world I am meant. I think I must be dying.

I believe the folks born in my time and of my time were for an age of the world where there would be peace and happiness. We are post 1960s where they were fighting for their lives with racism and civil rights movements. Around the world have been many movements and fights for civil justices and students and civilians alike have won many victories, but something must be wrong.

Where the fuck did Covid and the Coronavirus come in? Excuse me if my spelling is incorrect on the virals. It’s just that it seems we have taken a wrong steer and now we are on the road of armageddon. Medical looking face masks or the DIY face masks for the public….for how long? Has anyone said how long we are expected to wear masks and be ‘social distanced’? No of course not. I’ve been in the military and heard plans and visions that went all the way out to the end of time and now when such things matter for the civilian populations which includes military on such things as this….where are we on the vision for the medical masks? What is the military doing for themselves with such gear and what about the poor officers-in-training? I find it difficult to believe they’re running around with medical masks during physical training.

The word hoax comes to mind often when I think about this shin-dig we’re in with the Coronavirus. I’m still looking for ground zero on what it actually looks like hosted in the body. Not much is available.

Normally 50 is something to really be wowed about, but for me it was really lukewarm. I’m totally pissed I incarnated and wonder what happened to all the wonder of the world with Indigo Children, comic book designers, and stunt people. Now it seems all we have are the beginning markings of something socialist/democratic/republic and I’m ready to relocate.

When did my land of the free go up for auction and free thought fly out the window?

I don’t see any real news chasers on the tail of the stories here getting me the latest. Second stimulus check….pishaw!….I’m likely to get better through a Groupon deal at this point that can be used as soon as the establishment opens.

When I turn 60 it better be better….and hopefully it’s not from the grave.

Happy Birthday Dimples!

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