The Year of Second Death

And She Saw Stars Fashion & Trend Forecasting: 2020-2026

I’ve been doing my own fashion trend analysis since 2017 when I first started identifying vibes associated with the items that popped out and caught my eye when I was looking at trends; I saw a kinship and thought this must be what’s in & coming up for the next year and/or this year.

The first one I dubbed: Year of the Man 2017

As I wandered through 2017 identifying trends and ephemera to capture the vibe, I began to get threading vibes for the upcoming year…..2018. Items that were popping out were ‘different’ than the ones that were capturing me for 2017. I said this must be 2018. This will be called I think…..something color; and it was: 2018 The Year of Color.

After the Year of Color came 2019 The Year of Death.

I began to think 2020 would be Year of the Goddess as that was the vibes that were coming in and then towards the end of 2019, I saw that the vibe was different and there seemed to be ‘different’ trends; I began to think of the year 2020 as the Year of Second Death. This would mean a different emphasis for fashion, lifestyle and music and also what one might find in stores. Little did I know that I would see Covid come in and the beginning of what would be the closure of many stores as wells as also stores closed; what would that do for fashion now?

This would mean that there would be an emphasis on raiding the closet, old clothes becoming new again, vintage buying, sharing of clothing, and buying online but mainly like consignment and vintage. I saw folks finding that clothes that didn’t fit in the past would be suddenly fitting and working. I didn’t know why. What had changed in the consciousness of the collective? Much.

So I’ve continued to monitor various trends and this piece is a piece for a potential: ‘shop the trends’. This means that things of world cultures are in for Year of Second Death 2020. Finding pieces that matter are themes here. Finding things ‘black’ are also in; what does that mean? Culture? Yes, but also things that defy blackness think racism and you’ll be in area. When do we let these things go? Racism. Color of Skin. Does skin tone denote my heritage? No. So moving beyond the eye is also a theme for 2020. Look beneath the surface to find your own expression and see others expression. Who are you expressing? Yourself or your great-grandma? Now great-grandma might be great unless she was a racist pig. Take that shit to your classroom and do a paper: present, discuss, and then change. Change the way others see and change the way others hear, see, and believe. ‘Be the change you want to see’ is sage. Find out who said that and educate yourself more; so themes of self-educating are in and that means and I regurgitating rhetoric that hasn’t perhaps been checked against my own measurement standards? If so, correct it. Believe in what you are saying because you are saying it and not simply because you were taught/told it. These are strong themes that are for 2020. Find a tshirt you can stand behind and not just stand behind because you are wearing it. Find an outfit you believe in and wear it, with a slamming mask if you must in this Covid times or don’t wear it and share your activism for why you believe mask wearing is not great. I gladly admit to not wearing one all the time when I’m outside. Also I can do math, 6 feet away is 6 feet away and I don’t need to wear my mask outside. Inside, I try to follow rules, but I’ve got to breathe. At some point I hope the study for how virals spread such as Covid are looked at other than just because we are sharing a space. Scientifically the air is already filled with the breath of others despite mask wearing efforts. I would move to a smart, selective mask-wearing practice than a wholesale one that perhaps isn’t the best answer. So speaking your truth is also a theme for 2020. Going through YouTube I came across videos I felt really spoke to me regarding the themes of 2020 that I think are inspiring. Please take a look. They were chosen for their artistic outlook and the vibes they carried through their music, lyrics, and also visual presentation. You can stock many stores and markets from their offerings. Necklaces, hair accessories, gowns, scarves, suits, hair products, inspirations for wear to shop come if you have a good eye. Mixtures of the 80s and the 90s come through very strong. If you are old enough you might be able to see certain movements. This theme is part of the ‘Play it again Sam’ theme I’ve mentioned before in earlier writings about 2020.

This piece shows too much of what’s in and out and you determining it. Take your power with grace. World styles are in and of course layering your style is in. Choosing what you bring before you are also threads. You can take as much or as little as you want from this video and from what you see.

Chosen for it’s artistic world style. This is a lyrical beauty for 2020 to watch. I would go easy anywhere to pick up pieces to create looks and style to wear and even update for the home. Don’t limit yourself: There is inspiration for student work; what should I write about? Where should my thesis go? Where should I go to school?. How can I get my crap looking great at home? I’m stuck. Go here. Shopping is a breeze. Go to Target, your aunt’s closet, your neighborhood or downtown consignment, or your pattern room if you design. Hair trends and makeup trends are obviously mentioned.

Chosen for its stunning artistic beauty, J-Lo’s video is a welcome feast. Each of these videos features diversity: in style and also in message. Look at the messages we are getting (a bit of oracle here) and also look at how we can correspond with each other. Buy stationery if out shopping or create your own; another post features Paper Source feature check it out. Find out your local newsstand and see if they are open. Check up on your potential new haunts and then find places of beauty where you can go even in Covid times. Take yourself and your gear, but take your notes on how living in a new world and new ways can still be chic, hot, and cool even if not buying a fucking thing.

Now I’m going to tell you I’m getting vibes that the next year (2021) is Year of the Child but we’ll see if it holds. This new video featuring the Black Eyed Peas is my pick that handles the vibe cool. Think how youth can return to your life, and how can timing return to your life. Think how you can play. Think how you can work with what you got. Think about being childlike and how discovery can lead to new things. I think you’ll see new ideas pop and percolate for you.

I’m leaving you for now, but not without life savers. Remember you can have a great time anyway; on a budget, living in your car, sticking it out in your home, hitting the road and visiting. Check into your past favorites, it lets them know you care. It’s important. I loved Pier 1 and its leaving. Lets say a prayer for them.

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