Covid Break

The Reopening of the World came this past weekend and I saw too many people at the mall. I wondered what for… had been that difficult. Getting to the mall was easy, but getting around was difficult and stifling. I wanted freedom. After the holding up and stowing away of folks in the homes I wondered how it must be getting out after such a long stay indoors.

Now I’m going to move on.

This is how that should be; think about it and then move on. In the future I decided I will go to the mall on other days and times so it’s not so crowded; I wondered about the second stimulus check.

Do you wonder why a second check is taking so long to decide upon? I do.

Say yes or no. Move on. Holding folks at bay just says you aren’t really serious about your initiatives or your concern. I think perhaps it’s an election year.

Growing up as a voter I wondered why this shit wasn’t so transparent before; manipulate a key decision point to steer voters around a election period to garner approval or disapproval without their knowledge. Smart. No. Old. Republican or Democrat doesn’t really matter at this point. Citizen or not does I think. Not are you from another country, but are we all here? Being a citizen and here is what matters and sells not popularity during times of crisis. Remember it is such a time. That gets my vote.

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