Sprite: A Primer by LaDonna J. Davis (a review)

I’ve recently published a short book on the world of faery titled ‘Sprite: A Primer’ and it’s for sale with LuLu Publishing which can be reached via lulu.com (USD $30.00). It was a great feat and the book is awesome. It talks about the Realm of the Sprite and their energies and how they assist the world. Many of these energies that can be encountered on the earth are of these energetic realms of ‘Gaia’ and are forms of intelligence that come from the earth and are able to communicate with the earth’s inhabitants. I believe it is a way of establishing a relationship with the world around and ultimately the planet itself as I do believe the planet does embody a certain amount of awareness and ability to communicate with what is inhabiting it. Is is not possible that we are expressions of this world? Surely arguments for various takes on the evolution of the planet would support such a hypothesis. Darwinism. Big Bang Theories. Religious ideologies on the creation of the world, all similar in their theorems that all is an expression of the all surrounding. So why not delve in and explore as all great explorers have ventured in the past and experience the surrounding world in new ways via new eyes? The book breezes through legends and myths to look at hands-on data one might encounter while in the ‘field’ trying on the feelers of an explorer. How sound is the data one receives back? How useful is it to engage such energies? Are they with personas? Do they have lives? What is their purpose? These are some of the topics handled in the text all with the understanding that you, should you choose to participate, are engaging in a live active field of awareness which is one way to interpret the world. Your guide through the material and the author of the text is an aerospace engineer and so you will get a unique perspective of how one test engineer examined data that continued to present itself.

So ‘Sprite: A Primer’ is good for the one who is interested in understanding their surroundings and perhaps learn from a presence that has been trying to communicate with the observer/participant for what is perhaps years. Earth to Earthling.

Working with the Sprite realm can be very useful and beneficial as it is believed to be an expression of the earth and also an expression of the link between the earth and one of its inhabitants; this can make Sprite ‘guides’ very personal as connections with the earth or any connection with a form of creation can become very personal. But herein lies the benefit: a lesson in how one fits into the world, insight into how the world is helping, and perhaps a relief from a concern that perhaps the world does not understand its inhabitants. This can make living on the earth more exciting as every moment is a chance to engage the living energies of the earth and hence the living earth energies of the soul and the individual. You can then begin to see how legend and myth are perhaps maps. And those who have traveled prior to us along these same paths convey what has been experienced along their way; and to avoid dismissing data outright, might it not sometimes be a literal experience of someone who has previously encountered these marvelous world energies that we share the world with? Cottingley Fairies? Not quite, as I experience such encounters with Sprite energies and earth energies as points of light that skit around. I often smile that UFOs can come in such small sizes though I must confess I don’t know that I really buy into UFOs of the traditional variety. These little energy of lights or lit orbs are totally interesting though when encountered.

I highly recommend this book. I think you’ll enjoy the read.


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