Veteran’s Day 2020

I had the most interesting Veteran’s Day. I’m hoping in the future for even more cool and fun things to do. In case you do not know there is a list of places that do offer something for the event. If you have an identification card showing you are a Veteran, then you’re in.

I went to California Pizza Kitchen and got their spaghetti. It was amazing. I highly recommend their food. When I arrived there was actually a POW/MIA table set up there as well. It was very nice and chilling. It’s often good to be reminded that some people are unable to really celebrate due to their current circumstances of being deployed or whatever.

I met some cool women who were veterans and it was awesome. Sharing a ‘Happy Veterans Day!’ between us was really great. So what’s on the menu for next year? Likely CPK but I might also go to BJs or Chilli’s or some other place that may have joined the illustrious ranks of those that offer something for the event. It makes walking around all the flags not so scary as in the past there was sometimes hardly anything to remember veterans. Now, it’s much different and with the election behind us even more cool to reflect upon.

Happy Veteran’s Day! Check out these videos on some items from the menu; both are on offer during their Veteran’s Day menu.

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