With the advent of the New Year I felt it would be great to blog about what 2020 was like: then I changed my mind. What should we talk about for 2021? Almost anything.

I had too much to say last year. It was over with the Covid crap. Now we can have new things to look forward to: new outings and new ways of meeting with each other. It’s difficult to stay in a home when there are other things to do. Especially when staying at home has been played.

Who is going to the movies? I think streaming is on the menu.

Who is going to the market? I think home delivery of groceries is the plan for the day.

Since when did my home have to be on jam? When it became the location where most time would be spent.

Spend time listening to great music to help pass the time.

It’s been great listening to some of my favorites.

I’m so tired of things like racism. I think the world is showing us what it has time for: racism isn’t it. When you see movie theaters close because movies aren’t the most important entertainment then you have to ask what is the message for us from the world?

Meditate on it. The message will come.

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