Movie Review: ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ a Movement in C#

Step through if you don’t mind. The criticality of this piece is most dire for the remembrance of our forebears. Our Nation of America is a movement of the people but of course all Nations can lay claim to that fame. In a time of angst is it not timely to remember those who came boldly before even unaware of their impact onto the awareness of an unsuspecting future? I am of course in line for the education of Nancy Drew a form of youthful sleuthing ever present that can believe it understands everything and know nothing except the passion for the voice of the people. Who did it? And why? Is this not why I am here because of the steps that came before? Of course. Then read on and enjoy, if you can.

Now truth be know movie going is on a decline due to Covid. You must watch what you can, when you can from home or take a chance to find a theater near you that might be open. I took a chance on my streaming Android phone and watched ‘Judas and the Black Messiah. via HBOMax. As a new outlet on the scene I still get invites to cover event releases as And She Saw Stars. This one was a stunner and I watched well but this was own selection as the trailers could not be denied. The portrayal of characters is strong and I’m sure award winners I’m a 70’s baby on the front wave from these movements of race and came in under the movement of music and fashion that was present in the 90’s. Of course there was a Feminist movement as well which was more of a sexual revolution. Where did these items originate? I can tell you, watch the film and you will see the origination Power to the People through the power of voice. You will see the Student Movement through the Power of gathering and socializing: getting your platform out to the people. You will see the brazenness of the exploitation of propaganda as a Power to galvanize the People and in response you will see America. So what are Americans doing around this time? Read on and get inspired by the Youth Nation that was up.

So who am I? A revolutionary. Get inspired and look at your life. Look at your platform, citizen. Think how you can move the world and galvanize a Nation and even a world. Don’t be afraid to speak your Truth for in that we honor those that come be fore or came before. I hope to inspire and move the world through my writing, through my photography and through my fashion brand And She Saw Stars. I hope to inspire the people to know true nutrition and true power through the sourcing of what one consumes. I was and still am a student. I am a Veteran and I was an officer. The power to move and inspire is critical especially if you believe in a better place for all people. I was not really raised as a gender or with a color and so I pursued what moved me. What did I know of black female aerospace engineers until I encountered Affirmative Action. What is that but remnants if earlier movements encountering my life.

So where can you find yourself in the movie? Everywhere. Are we not all Fred? Are we not all ‘the People’? Are we not the youth that they were educating? We know not except what we’ve been told, so mold minds with a care for they are the product of your teachings and their surroundings. So what can you say when you see the children espouse what seems to be propagandist? I was appalled but I did not admonish for weren’t they living in the most dire of circumstances? They may not know they truly are at a disadvantage. Isn’t someone caring for them? Are they not at a learning facility? Are they not getting to eat? Poverty clarifies what is most needed and it was apparent that The Black Panther Party was meeting a need. Can you imagine? I had not been born yet. I was to be on the cusp of their movement coming in during 1970; their movements having been stymied but not really put to a halt. I came in under the auspices of an implied Rainbow Coalition. Segregation I did not know about and race riots were not part of my experiences as a youth. However for many they were a reality during that time. And in the film we see how the people were affected by the passing of Martin Luther King. Very important historically portrayed moments.

Please remember if visiting these sites to have compassion. These are people living through dynamic and dangerous times.

So what does community do in such times of strife and forced separation but come together and help the people and community any way. Organizations such as Focus Hope located in Detroit came together around such times and reflect an impetus to bring together people despite negating views to keep a status quo that is unacceptable. I am someone who is familiar with Focus Hope and wanted to bring it up to show that many ideas about the power of people did continue and survived despite the horror that moved through the Nation to end attempts of unification. What is clear in the film is that the negative element behind the scenes in the film and operating during that time does not really have a clear clue on what will go forward. The taking of lives and manipulation of lives generates a huge vacuum of silence during a key moment. I don’t think they really realize that people will move forward any way and that segregation will end. People will integrate.

The big conflict: Hoover and his employ against the Black Panther movement. I’m going to give you to good links where you can learn more. I highly recommend The Bold Italic article.

Again read with compassion. Here you can see the strength of community and the power of people to make and move community. Think about what they hoped to accomplish: representation. Their reach was clear to place people in office. I can’t comment more on those political objectives, but what I can comment upon is the power of diversity in government. What has happened to our Independent or even Green Party? Take a look at what parties are active:

Then take a look at what the Black Panther Party was trying to move forward. Seen in pictures noted in the Bold Italic article above, but follow up research produced this amazing historic piece:

I’m going to end this write up with a moment reference to the West Side Story. Every city has a West Side Story in it where it brings to focus whats going on with the people versus society. Judas and the Black Messiah is very much a similar tale of the power and foibles of the people against themselves and even society. See the film. Watch the snippets here and digest in manageable bite sizes atrocities of our Nation’s past of these times, noting the good and seeing the not-good; even see how it echoes in the disparities of the world where tolerance is bandied about: both villain and hero. Then you will see how the moment of The West Side Story is really about people wanting equality, fighting for it but worried for the safety of what was already hard won. No one wants racism. No one wants to be not recognized for their worth. And no one wants to be without opportunity to become and make things better. Judas and the Black Messiah is an awesome moment in film. See it. Also see these others as they are great commentary on dynamic times in America.

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