Pho Ever is a Never Pho

I ordered food from Pho-Ever in Gardena CA via Postmates. The Pho Well Done Brisket and Fried Rice with Chicken. The food was awful. It didn’t sit well with me as I consumed. As a result I had to stop. I was sad as I love good soup and good food. I tried to seek a refund and it didn’t go in my favor. Bank of America didn’t seem to understand I became sick from the food. Postmates never responded to say they would refund and so many months later I called the restaurant to see if I could simply get a refund for the food and not worry about fees. It was $27.78. A credit was offered but I declined as a journey through their menu again was not wanted. Sigh. The meat looked not high quality and there were spots on the fat. I have had pho elsewhere and the meat didn’t look like that. So I said if you won’t do a refund I just won’t come back or recommend your restaurant. I asked to whom I was speaking and Julie who worked there said ok. I then said ok and I would blog it.

I would not eat here. The quality at the Gardena CA location is poor. The curb appeal like aromas and such were off on my order and it made it not seem so great as I ate. I think it could have been better.

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