Donations for And She Saw Stars and the website

I wanted to raise funds for And She Saw Stars endeavors. I felt that doing so would really help my freelance pursuits in the areas of red carpet coverage and other areas like fashion design. I ran out of funds for academic pursuits awhile ago from my GI Bill funding. I’ve been trying to raise new funds to supplement and allow me to continue my studies. It’s been difficult. I tried a GoFundMe campaign that hasn’t been very successful. You can still go to that website to find the campaign if you’re interested, but the purpose of this page is to allow funds to also be donated via PayPal pools that might help with the pursuits of further design study. At any rate check out the video and see what you think. It’s difficult sometimes to determine why folks should donate. It’s something I wrestled with, but in the end I determined that support of academic studies is worthwhile. Additionally I have other areas where backing would be useful such as the funding of my fashion runways to showcase my designs. This is another place where people can assist.

PayPal Pools

I’ve decided to give the PayPal pools a try to raise funds for school and tuition. I’ve run out of funding through the Post 911 GI Bill and unable to complete my Pattern Design Degree and hopefully a dual degree from the Beverly Hills Design Institute. I’m currently working as a freelance writer and also doing an unpaid internship in design in hopes of raising funds for my education. I’m living a real student lifestyle and any support would be great if you are so moved to donate.

The Pool is ‘Give What You Can’ and if necessary I can detail an update on how donations are used.

Details on the Pool:

I am a working freelancer and writer traveling to do various gigs. I’m also a student and veteran retraining into a new career field. I do fashion and photography. Contributing helps me with travel expenses, raising funds for tuition and student expenses. Funding will go towards the sustaining of my life as a student and freelancer which will sponsor future training in design, supplies such as fabrics and even gear for freelancing as a photographer; all if it useful during this phase of my training as funding is short. Thanks for your support.

On another note (write me back if you are interested in keeping up on the progress):

Earlier this year I was the victim of racism harassment. It resulted in the damaging of my left breast. It was stricken twice by officers in an encounter with brutality. The wound hasn’t yet healed and has been leaking since. I’ve already had problems with the breast from a biopsy I feel went wrong. It was done in 2014 at the Good Samaritan Hospital in downtown Los Angeles. I feel that the biopsy operation did not go well as the procedures intended to be utilized throughout the procedure weren’t fully disclosed until during the operation. It was intended to place a metal marker within the breast such that future surgery could locate the cyst or cancer (via the marker) and make it easier to remove the damaged portion of the breast. This portion of the surgery wasn’t revealed until during the procedure. I told the medics doing the surgery that they would have to stop the procedure as I was worried I had an allergy to metals and I didn’t want to have a marker placed within the breast; in addition I hadn’t decided that I might actually have a future surgery and in my mind the biopsy was mainly to determine if there was a cancer or not. The implements used to do the biopsy were removed immediately as I told them I didn’t want to go further with the surgery because of this. I had asked them to detail the procedures just prior to going into the procedure and this was omitted. I also wasn’t informed of the insertion of a metal marker into the breast prior to the procedure either. I was told that the wound would heal. I left (traumatized). I felt that the procedure results would be compromised likely as a result as I didn’t trust the technicians and how the operation had gone. I did write a letter of complaint to the hospital. I did receive a response back from the Director at that time. It was a male. I didn’t think to make a clear point of what had occurred. He apologized, but I don’t think he realized what would come from it. I’m sure if known he would try to do something. He seemed to be very interested in the health of the community.