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This is where I’m really adding something new to my work.  The stepping into the role of the ‘ideas’ person.  I’ve always been good at developing ideas and concepts.  And now I’m deciding to go public with it in the following areas:  trend analysis (fashion & creative), business creative ideas (restructuring business models dealing with logistics and layouts (color & mood), project management (cradle-t0-grave), vision/project mapping (developing ideas on how to approach and see your project), ideas (ideas for the sake of ideas like for stories, film, storytelling (visual/audio), characters).  Rates are $100 per hour.  Vision/project mapping should take 1-1.5 hours.  Ideas ‘For-The-Sake-Of’ should take 1 hour.  Project management (see below) will take longer maybe 2 hours. #andshesawstars #trendanalysis #fashion #art #ideas #creativeideas

Fashion Trend Analysis:  I have a background in Fashion Design and I’ve been developing my own works using mixed media to forecast future trends.  I’ve started working on 2017 and plan to do a project for the following year 2018 if 2017 is well received.  For more information on 2017 efforts please look at my page on Trend Analysis.  If you are interested in getting a packet for a trend analysis study please contact me and I can discuss details on developing something for you.  Sometimes there are smaller trends that can be identified that veer away from the mainstream projected trends.  These trends can be based on other themes and so might produce different findings.  Rates will vary but in general will start at $150 and going up depending on the level of analysis involved.

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Business Creative Ideas:  Ideas to improve how a business can be presented are areas I would look at.  Everyone sees things that could be improved and I’m LaDonnaone of those people that after 17 years of military experience have an eye for where efficiencies could be improved and streamlined.  Now that I am a fashion designer (though I’ve many years of experience studying art) I am turning my eye to creative ways that traditional businesses might develop or modify their models to improve the customer experience of their domain.  This could include layouts and logistics models that simply don’t benefit the space that they are operating in.  Not everything is a one-size fits all and so unique approaches to business can inject spontaneity and creativity to an otherwise standard environment.  For example some stores such as J. Crew have special stores that are ‘art-inspired’ and sell books and merchandise that other stores might not carry.  These are ways that improve the shopping experience and customer satisfaction.  Now most of the ideas that I will generate will be for a one-off service, but if someone is interested in longer term consulting, I can do a follow-up 1 year after the initial idea.  This additional consultation would involve where perhaps I was given a synopsis of where the project was after 1 year and I could advise where the project could go from that point.  My rates would be $100 per hour.  Most ideas should take 1-1.5 hour of work for a consultation about the project, etc.  The actual idea rates would vary depending on amount of research and value of the idea.  Discussions about rights would be included.

Book Cover Art:  I can design a book cover for authors if interested using my photography.  Price ranges from $75-$200 which will include distribution rights, but not unlimited rights.

All rights protected 2014. Sample of my artwork that could be used for a book cover.
All rights protected 2014. Sample of my artwork that could be used for a book cover.


Not offered Now, but may be offered in the future:

Choreography (dStreetFashion (106 of 141)ance and runway) TBD:  I have experience in choreography over the years from doing a runway show and dance (African & Afro-Brazilian professional performance).  In addition over the years I’ve often spent a lot of my time daydreaming and visioning choreography for music and I’ve often thought that what I saw could be used for a play, film, video, theatrical performance or runway.  Now I would like to try my hand at putting my choreography down and making them available to the public.  I’m in the process of putting my choreography a couple of routines and documenting the movements.  When they become available they will be available here for sale (& this would include certain rights TBD).  I am not a professional choreographer and my dance skill isn’t advanced in all areas of dance and I would need to work with the lead choreographer of a project, etc.  so I can assist in translation of my work from 2D to 3D movements.  I would be selling the choreography and not usage rights to the song. (genres of music I expect to work with include pop/r&b)  Discussions about rights would be included.  Rates TBD.



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