To Hire:  My rates for typical photoshoot run $350.00.  This shoot involves you bringing some clothes, but you will also be styled for a couple of looks.  Styling services are basic (no makeup services provided unless requested and will be at an additional nominal fee).  If you are interested in more intensive styling that will be an additional fee (please ask).  You will receive 100 images and will include some Gallery Shots which are a more artistic take on the image and will be titled.  Gallery Shots become more of a digital painting and involve editing techniques to bring out different elements within the image to transform it into something different and new.  Examples of my Gallery Shots can be viewed at my Carbonmade ePortfolio here.  Rates for head shots vary and are $125 for 25 images and run upwards if you need more.  I retain all copyrights to the images.  Images are provided to the client via a digital link for download and various licensing rights (non-commercial only, commercial, etc.) are available.

Photographer, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Designer, Engineer, Writer

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES (NEW):  In addition to fashion photography I am also a fashion stylist.  Examples of my styling and photography shoots can be viewed at my Carbonmade ePortfolio here or further down on this page.  If you are interested in having your clothing photographed in a photoshoot (worn by a model I provide) and receive photography (50+ images).  You will pay for shipping and I will pay for return postage.  In exchange for photography you will need to have an outlet for the images which means an intended public use for the images (i.e. published in a publication or used for an ad campaign, etc.) where you will need to credit me as the photographer and stylist.  Additionally you will need to tell me when and where you intend to use the images so I can reference for my portfolio.  If you decide to leave your samples I can use them again in future photography shoots and then continue to credit your brand as provider of the garment.  You will be featured in an And She Saw Stars fashion blog post.  And you will receive photography (100+ images).  The same applies with regards to needing to have an outlet for the images.  You can use the images for your website or ad campaign or for publication.  You will need to credit me as the photographer and stylist.  In both cases a link to your website or publicity page can be added to And She Saw Stars website.  Depending on the value of the samples designers/artists will also receive 1-4 Gallery Pictures.  Samples of Gallery Pictures can be seen at Carbonmade under ‘Gallery’.  Performers/Musicians who are interested in being photographed for exchange in services can contact me directly.  Images can be provided in exchange for access to concerts, use of images in public campaign, and rights to use images in future projects.


About Me:

I started out as an aerospace engineer and recently changed careers to go into fashion design, an area I’ve long since had a love for since I was in small.  Fashion Design is more than just about fashion design for me, it’s about storytelling.  It is through my photography that I showcase my vision for the stories that feature fabulous fashion design and styling.  It is my desire to have a process of design, fashion shoot/styling, and then publication into some format or some other output to showcase the work.  Below you’ll find examples of my work, places where you can find my work online and any updates.  Details of various shoots can be found on my And She Saw Stars Blog here.

I do primarily performance and fashion photography, but I also do head shots and I do have examples of wedding photography (see below).  You can follow me on Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and BlogLovin.  If you’re interested in booking me for a photography shoot or for freelance work please email me at and I’ll see if I’m available and what can be worked out.  I currently work in the Greater Los Angeles area.  I’ve covered 2013 L.A. Fashion Week events, 2015 Melbourne Fashion Festival (Australia), Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (Australia 2015) and Los Angeles Fashion Week 2015 – Quynh Paris, Comikaze 2015, Vancouver Fashion Week, MAGIC! Tradeshow in Las Vegas, Sundance Film Festival (Los Angeles 2016).


Performance Photography:


Head Shot Examples:

Fashion Photography:

Here are some examples of my fashion photography.  More can be found on my blog posts and also at my Carbonmade site (

Wedding Photography:

Miscellaneous Photography:

Online Portfolio:  My e-portfolio showcasing my work can be found at Carbonmade.

My photography has been featured here:

iMirage Magazine (1 Sep 15) ‘Faery Through the Looking Glass’

iMirage Magazine Spread 1 Sep 15

….The Sprite appeared in iMirage Magazine in Electric Pop issue.


Kitten the Band (Musicians/Performer)

….my article on Kitten the Band appeared in iMirage Magazine’s Fire and Passion Issue….


Mirror Talk (Musicians/Performer)

Dear Boy (Musicians/Performer)

Verizon Musica Unsigned – Ruby Clouds ( (Artist/Performer 2015)

FIDM MODE Magazine Launch Party

H.O.P.E (Artist/Performer)

Tysa Goodrich (Artist/Performer)

FIDM Online Interview of Nia Celine

Carlos Naranjo (Artist/Performer)

L.A. Fashion Week:  Jon Gheri Couturier Fashion Show (2013)

L.A. Fashion Week: Porscha Starr Lingerie Runway Show (2013)




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