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For all media/press enquiries please contact LaDonna Joyce at or

You can also check out my YouTube channel ‘And She Saw Stars’ for runway clips and even sizzle reels.  I’m auditioning for acting roles and modeling.

My Sizzle Reels:

Here’s my Film Credits:

The Healer (TV Pilot) Costume Wardrobe Lead for series read-through (can send email of samples of what I did upon request)

‘The Better Sister’. Role: Neighbor #4. (no lines; Black Girl with Afro) 2Ho Productions. Short Film. Release Date: 30 Mar 16
Director: Miranda Russo. Writer/Producer: Tanya Carnelisse & Miranda Russo.

‘Spoken Word’.  Nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Short Film, Best Screenplay. (International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema, Nice 2017).  Title:  Costume and Wardrobe Department.  Ilan Muallem (Director).  Ilan Muallem (Writer).  Apr 2016.

‘Vlogging from the End of the World’. Role: Security Guard. (non-speaking) Film Fatale Productions. Jann Turner (Director). Alexandra Overy (Casting). Sep 2016.

For where my work can be seen, please see the individual pages focusing on my photography or fashion design.

Non-Film Press/Media Article Features:

‘Faery Through the Looking Glass’, iMirage Magazine, 1 Sep 15

iMirage Magazine Spread 1 Sep 15
iMirage Magazine article on Kitten the Band in iMirage’s Fire & Passion Issue:


…..the Sprite appears in iMirage Magazine’s Electric Pop issue…..





This is a TV spot I did after my runway show at FashioNXT in Portland Oregon.  I was really well received.  I’ve been asked to show again as of 2018.  I was also asked to show again at Van Couver Fashion Week in 2018 and 2019.  I’ve been busy with school but I’m hoping to return.  I’d love to do Atlanta (they’ve asked me to show previously).  And I’d love to do London, Australia (I’ve been asked to show there but has schedule conflicts), France (I’ve been asked to show there) and then Los Angeles (I almost showed there but ran into a conflict and was unable; hope to show in future of course), and eventually New York.  I’d love to show anywhere, show if you’re interested, please contact me.  If you have sponsors that are willing to sponsor my way, please let me know.  If you have scholarships to help fund the fees of showing let me know.  Showing in Fashion Weeks is great and sometimes expensive, those who understand and love my work and wouldn’t mind sponsoring the fee to have me show are greatly appreciated and being sought out.  Contact me at (+1) 213-378-8616 and also email me at

The Fashion Network:  Fashion Week Photo Galleries (Vancouver Fashion Week F/W ’16)

Blogtown:  ‘FashionXT: Night One in Review, Oct 6 2016

CUTS the Magazine Online Feature, July 2016 (This is a feature that came out of doing Vancouver Fashion Week earlier this year.  I was in Vancouver Fashion Week F/W ’16)

Here’s another link to them where you can find something of me.

Check them out.  I really believe in their publication.  It’s totally awesome.  I’m so glad to be a part of their magazine via interview.  I’m hoping to get on the freelance staff if possible.  I’ve had the chance to see folks like DMC of Run DMC fame at the 2018 L.A. Comic Con (who had just launched a fantabulous artsy comic book/graphic novel!) and Chuck D. in Downtown Los Angeles doing a fashion show (2018) showcasing a group of artists, Sammy Sam, donning new gear designed by Beverly Hills Design Institute in California.  You can see articles I’ve done on them here.

Press Release for Book New Moon Ascendent, 26 June 2015

FIDM Blog: ‘FIDM Grad Is Fashion Blogger Behind And She Saw Stars’, 15 Apr 2015

Ruby Clouds, alternative band, used my image for their entry in the Verizon Musica Unsigned Contest, Mar 2015

VAMFF (Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival) Opening Night 2015, Image by Jewelchic (PR Rep), Feb 2015

VAMFF Opening Night 2015, Image by Jewelchic (of me wearing my punk rock gown), Feb 2015

I had the opportunity to wear my own design to the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Opening Night.  I’d been wanting to have it photographed and my other two prior opportunities of having it worn to two different Red Carpet events didn’t result in any images, unfortunately.  So this was such a great thing to have happen.  Thanks Jewelchic for the coverage!

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