How You Can Help & Where to find And She Saw Stars

My work is available for viewing on my http://‍ site.  My Etsy store is down for a bit.

I’m looking to license my artwork. If you like my artwork and have suggestions on how to license or would like to license my artwork for your products please contact me.

I’m interested in getting my artwork on sport equipment such as surfboards and skateboards. I’m also into graffiti and so any apparel associated with these sports I’d also like to get in on. It’s very difficult to find clear ways to get into these areas, but I have been doing the research. I’m looking for things such as ipad and computer sleeves, messenger bags, gloves, and shoes. I’d love to get my work on furniture such as chairs, lampshades, cool school gear (not just regular stuff so like new bags styles and even roller bags) and even decoupage for desks and dressers. Please shoot me an email at if you’d like to discuss.

In the meantime you can find my newly released fantasy novella ‘New Moon Ascendent’ out now:


It’s a faery tale.  This story tells the relationship between two cities: one on Earth and one in a realm known as the Other Side.  The residents of the two cities exchange residents for a time every so many years to maintain the peace after a time when there was much blood shed causing rifts between family and friends.  The Human/Trolls Human/Troll Wars. It focuses on a girl named Samantha who gets involved with the Other Side to become the apprentice of the Lady Lune.

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