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I am an intuitive artist, oracle reader, animal communicator, and Faery Worker (faery healings, faery communication, faery readings).

'Faery Girl'
‘Faery Girl’ (one of my photographic artwork pieces available for purchase via Etsy or Instagram)

I have skills at doing intuitive art and readings.  I’ve been doing intuitive art for several years using watercolor, pastels, and now digital photography and collage.  I offer intuitive vision board mapping for creative projects and teams to show the energies surrounding a particular project, vision, or idea.  You can see a sample of what one might look like below.  If you have a project you’re stuck on or would like to gain insight into a new endeavor such as opening a restaurant, starting a art project, launching a business or short term branding campaign and would like to see the energies you are dealing with or would love to have a vision board to act as an inspiration/catalyst for your efforts then this type of intuitive work might be good for you.  This can be for a team, an individual, or business. The artwork can be a inspirational/guidance tool for a length of time that you put up in your space (like on your wall, etc.) and through reflection or meditation it can help you to gain deeper understanding of your project.  It can inspire you to take actions or make connections.  It can simply be something that gives you a good vibe when you think of your project.  Intuitive art such as this doesn’t have to be ‘worked’ with meaning you don’t have to meditate with it.  Just having in the room or around is enough.  See below for more details.  Mood boards/vision boards help to pinpoint feelings, sensations, ideas, thoughts, themes, desires, etc. into imagery that can be captured on a page.  Water Color work and Geometric art pieces might be more abstract, but they will still work to capture the vibe of your project and help you to gain insight.

L DavisNov 04 2015 10
‘The Priestess of Avalon’ (a mixed media collage; cards available for purchase via Etsy and Instgram)

This is also how I do intuitive readings.  I don’t really get into deterministic ‘fortune telling’ as I really feel that it’s just not my bag.  I’m really good at seeing energies around projects (the vibes) and the vibes come to me intuitively through my art boards and ‘cards’.  A session will involve a 15 minute conversation where we chat about your project, etc.  Then I will work on the artwork which will be sent to you in the mail.  With the artwork you will get a write-up that talks about the impressions I got and some of the symbolism.  However expect to gain your own insights and impressions once you get the art.  If you have questions about your art once you receive it and look at your write up you can email me a few additional questions that I can answer.  If after a time you’d like follow up artwork, please contact me.  You can text me at (213) 598-1809 or email me to set an appointment:  It will take place via Skype (gumdropzz33).

So if you have a project that you’re starting or even a business and you’d like to see to see the energies that you are working with then a mood board or artwork or reading my be useful for use.  The types of intuitive art I do are as follows:  (text me at 213-598-1809 to schedule)  You can order session below via Paypal and then we can schedule.


1) Water Color 8.5″ X 11″ – $125 (includes interpretation and the artwork); these might be abstracts, shapes, or faces, etc.

2) Geometrics (geometric shapes colored with pencils or pens or mixed media) 8.5″ X 11 – $100 (includes interpretation and the artwork); shapes, ‘freestyle’ techniques, coloring, mixed materials.  This is Faery Art.

3) Collage 11″ X 14″ (mixed media) – $225 (includes interpretation and the artwork); images, etc.  This also Faery Art.

I do the art while we are on Skype and I tell you what I pick up from your guides & the art.  The art is then mailed to you and you can work with the art via meditation or just looking at it while it’s in your room.  You’ll know when it’s no longer ‘working’ and you’ve gained what you needed from the art.  Watercolors are 45-60 minutes and Geometrics are 30-45 minutes.  Collage work is done in advanced and then the reading is scheduled afterwards.  You are then mailed your work.  Readings are 30-45 minutes and the fee $175.00.  It might take me 2-3 hours to do your artwork prior to scheduling the reading.  The art will work for a period of time healing and guiding/inspiring.  It may then end or go dormant only to become ‘active’ again.  It’s an unusual art reading and very magical.  Readings are not recorded.


4) Oracle readings are symbolic and require interpretation.  These can be with cards or without.  If without cards, interpretation will be included. It’s something that I can specialize in and it does include interpretation.  I do angel and faery card readings.  I work with Merlin, the Angelic and the Faery Realms.  In particular I do work with Pan and Sprites.  You can check this out in my book that is forthcoming on working with Sprite energies and the Sprite Kingdom.  Tons of fun creatively.  I also do animal communication and work with Grandfather Spirit Guide.

I work with angel oracle card decks such as the Archangel Gabriel deck by Doreen Virtue.  I also work with the Heart of Faerie Oracle and Faerie Oracle decks by Brian & Wendy Froud.  I can also do readings using crystals.  Readings are $75/30 min.  They are not recorded.  I also do rune readings.  Sample reading can also be seen on YouTube at

If you are interested in a reading the types of readings you can get are:

angel card reading (messages from the angels on topics dealing with creativity and creative blocks; working with nature and artistic expression; the energies surrounding you at the moment); 30 minutes/60 minutes

faery card readings (messages from the Faery Realms and Elemental Kingdoms; topics include working with art; artistic expression and being your authentic self; creativity and working with creative groups; working with Faery in your life)

Archangel Gabriel & Creativity:  similar to above readings, but more focus on you’re working on now and your writings; can discuss problems with scripts, character developments, inspiration and how to work more effectively as a Creative; how to be more expressive and plans/routes to take to build your creativity and art.


5) Long distance crystal healings.  I can do crystal healing grids via long distance and do healings.  I’ve have certifications in Melody’s Love is in the Earth and also Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy.  I am also a Reiki Master.  Healing & working with Crystals: readings with Lady Nimue (Faery Queen), Queen Mab (Faery Queen) are very interesting and are 30 minutes in length and are $75.00.  Readings/Healings are 60 minutes are $175.00 these are done via Skype or Skype & long distance.

6) Landscape Healings.  I do landscape healings (healings of your land/property for businesses and also homes, schools, etc.).  Pricings are available upon request but start at $100 per hour.  It involves clearing energy lines, old stagnant energies, a sort of feng shui approach to healing energies that might not be most ideal.  It is Faery Work and very healing.  It can also involve art and the use of Divine Art in a space.

ORDER YOUR READING/HEALING/ARTWORK HERE:  (Pay via Paypal and I’ll receive the notice and contact  you to schedule the reading.  If you text me or email me first, I’ll direct you here to pay and then we’ll schedule the reading/healing.  I can’t wait….it should be tons of fun!)

Art, Readings & Healings

A picture of me:  LaDonna Joyce: Fashion Designer, Photographer, Artist, Writer, and Intuitive

So you’ve got your art… what?  Well this is when you ‘work with the art’ either through intentional dream work, journaling, meditation,

Sample Geometric
Sample Geometric

intentional mindful exercises (either exercise, your own art inspired by this artwork, etc.) and see what insights come through.  This is when you use your own intuition coupled with the interpretation I offered….expand on this to get your own deeper insights/actions….that come over time.  I’ve worked with intuitive artists for decades and I sometimes meditate with the art, do dreamwork and see what might come up if anything, or sometimes I did nothing and just hung the art up and looked it over a period of time.  After some time I eventually stopped thinking about the artwork, looking at it, felt like it should come down, etc. then that meant the artwork had done it’s job….and it will be the same for my artwork; you’ll simply no longer feel drawn to it and sense that you’re done.

As a Faery Worker I work to heal the land.  This is not the same as buildings.  I listen to the land and spaces and see what’s going on.  It’s there where I work with my Faery, Angel and Grandfather guides to heal the energies of landscapes so that they work better for the people and things that are housed in and on them.  It’s a bit like Feng Shui, but not really.  I can work on small and even larger landscapes to bring in color, healing, joy, and love in order to release that which is no longer needed.  It can be tough work at times as landscapes have long memories.  However working with my guides can be too much fun at times and it makes things go well.  It’s a learning process every time.  If you’re in need of having a landscape healed or listened to and would like to contact me, please do.  Sessions can be 30 mins to 1 hour and maybe a bit longer.  Rates run $150/hr to start and final pricing is negotiable as it depends a bit on landscape, and layout.  I can work at a local area like your shop and landscape which always includes a bit of the surrounds or I can do a local area.  I can work cities.  If interested, please give me an email shout or Tweet me.  You can find me at and my email is

Below is another reading you can find at YouTube under the And She Saw Stars channel.

This is me doing a sample reading using The Wild Unknown’s Animal Spirit deck.  It’s a great deck to work with.  This reading is applicable to whoever comes to find it.  Enjoy!  Below is a another one of my photographic artwork based on my photography taken from fashion runway.  It shows Sprites.  I love working with the Faery Realms and Elemental Kingdoms.   This one shows Tink and other Sprites.

'Sprites' one of artwork pieces
‘Sprites’ one of my photographic artwork pieces

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