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IMG_0121The Objective:  I am a writer among my other talents.  I am a published writer in poetry and fantasy/science fiction.  I want to continue writing and publishing in the science fiction/fantasy genre as well as work as a freelance writer.

If you are interested in having me work freelance, please contact me (@ladonnadavis13 (Twitter),  I am willing to write on the following topics: fashion, fashion photography, Detroit, storytelling, musicians/bands, fashion design, runway shows, fashion styling, art, design (interior/fashion/engineering), writing, poetry, short stories and sewing.



My Self-published novella New Moon Ascendent published early Apr 2015.  It’s available on and also via Amazon Kindle, iBook (Apple), Nook, and Kobo in ebook format.  There is no print version as yet.  It’s available for $15.00.  Here’s a link to the Press Release on the book.



This story tells the relationship between two cities: one on Earth and one in a realm known as the Other Side who both exchange residents for a time every so many years to maintain the peace after the Human/Troll Wars. It focuses on a girl named Samantha who gets involved with the Other Side to become the apprentice of the Lady Lune.

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Sketchbook Project 2015 Update:  Jackman Brothers Part 3 delayed…this story is still in works got tied up with my fashion design work so it’ll likely come out in the Sketchbook format in 2016, but the story itself will be finished late Spring 2015 (May timeframe).

Latest bits of writing……I love combining photography with storytelling and I did a quick little post writing a short blurb for a picture I took of Ruby Clouds.  You can check it out here:

The Sketchbook Project Work:

I’ve had the pleasure of participating in The Sketchbook Project over the past 2 years. The Jackman Brothers series is a blend of mixed media art and text telling the stories about the lives associated with the Jackman Brothers’ circus.

The Jackman Brothers - The Rough Sketches
The Jackman Brothers – The Rough Sketches (part 1) (38 pages) (part 1) (38 pages)

The Jackman Brothers:  The Tale of the Sick Herald (part 1) (38 pages)

Part 1 is about the Herald for the Jackman Brothers’ circus who is responsible for announcing the impending arrival of the circus to the next towns.  He is sick and there is a need to get him well quick.

The Jackman Brothers:  The Quest for the Music Man (part 2) (38 pages)

The Quest for the Music Man - Mixed Media Art
The Quest for the Music Man – Mixed Media Art

Part 2 focuses on the search for the Music Man, the Ringmaster of a rival circus.  It picks up where part 1 ends  and introduces new characters and expands on the world of the Jackman Brothers.

Check them both out!  I think they are great stories and I loved working on them.  The artwork evolved between each book and I’m sure it’ll continue to evolve when part 3 comes out in the next Sketchbook Project (likely 2016). My Sketchbook 2015 Project will likely just be artwork since I was really busy working on my fashion design work.

IMG_0132Freelance Writing:

Freelance writer for Disfunkshion Magazine…..

…..’Bloggers to Know‘ article (Mar 2015); article to be in print in May 2015 issue (hitting stands 20th May)

….Revival Body Care Brand Review Article (May 2015) 

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) MODE Magazine Article:  I’ve written an article titled ‘Gearing Towards Fashion’ that was published in the of the FIDM MODE Magazine FIDM MODE Magazine F/W 2013.



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