The Hat

I loved creating the following picture of Ruby Clouds.  It features Ruby wearing a paper hat I created and designed.  It totally rocks.  I love how I added color to the flowers and then the eyes of the face on the top of the hat.  It makes it seem as if the hat is alive in some way and coupled with Ruby’s expression and Vid’s look it helps to give it a slightly sinister vibe.  What’s going on with Ruby?  What’s going on with that hat?  There’s a total story there and that’s why this image is so cool.  I’ve titled it ‘The Hat’ which is very simple, but hopefully the editing gives insight into why I chose the name.

If I were to give it a bit of a backstory it would go a little like this….until next time…..Travel Spritely!


‘I don’t like it.’ Vid said.  ‘I know, but that doesn’t mean anything.’ Ruby replied.

‘Every time you put that crap hat on…you’re different.’  Vid murmured.

‘Ha….I don’t see how I’m any different than the moment before I put it on.  You’re being crazy.  Lay off me and my hat.  It totally rocks.  I sort of feel impervious when I wear it….that’s all.  You’re totally making mountains out of molehills….’

Vid frowned.  Maybe.  He thought.  Or maybe not. 

Ruby smiled sweetly and looked away.  I totally know what I’m doing. 

The hat opened it’s pink eyes in surprise.  That’s exactly what the last one thought too……giggle.


The Awakening of the Hat.  I love this pic of Ruby Clouds....and The Hat.  (insert sinister laughter here)
The Awakening of the Hat. I love this pic of Ruby Clouds….and The Hat. (insert sinister laughter here)