The Mammoth Film Festival

I attended the Mammoth Film Festival and it was very interesting.  I arrived a bit late and the films were already on.  I got there in time to see Bikini Blue a film from Poland directed by Jarek Marszewski, Tomasz Kot, and Lianne Harvey.  It was a gripping film….noir.  I loved the film it was too engaging.  I could barely take my eyes off the film.  I took a couple of images during the film as well to use for the blog.  The cinematography was awesome and this film is certainly deserving of an award in that category.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film and it was great storytelling.  I highly recommend the film.  I loved loving it.  I couldn’t help myself.  The theater should’ve been packed, but it didn’t matter.  That’s a film to see.  I’m hoping it’ll make other festivals to include the a big film release that’s worldwide.  I think especially in the US this film would be very much appreciated at a wider release.

This film will wow you in it’s boldness of cinematography and storytelling.  The acting is superb and wondrous in it’s starkness; the cast is streamlined to perfection.  I am so greatful to have seen the film in person.  I’m so glad the Mammoth Film Festival hosted it.  I highly recommend going to the Mammoth, it’s stellar.  It’s amazing.  It’s highly stocked with film beyond one’s wildest imagination.  I couldn’t see it all and it was definitely a ‘see it all’ situation.  I checked afterwards for how to obtain permissions as press to view the remaining films as it’s often allowed on website where the press is able to do follow up research and viewing.  It’s similar to how red carpets and runway is treated:  there’s an archive that rivals none and leaves no press lacking.  I’m hoping there’s one Mammoth.  Sigh.  What a great outing.

I found out about it at the last moment.  That’s how it is sometimes with photographers and press.  Word of mouth travels slow and an email pops into your inbox and it’s divine.  You go or you don’t.  I signed up with no hesitation only to later realize it involved travel North to the location.  It was too nice to go.

The city hosts ski lifts and ski resort along with quick and sweet shopping boutiques.  There’s a little strip mall that contains lovely knick knacks and frocks worthwhile.  The restaurant scene wasn’t fulling checked out though on this trip to be honest so no reporting there.  I would go back in a heart beat!  Call me again.  It was ideal season for snow and ski and film.  I can’t wait for the next year.  The red carpet was also unique.  The styles totally suited for the region.  It was a relief and joy to cover.  I’m looking forward to future moments where I can cover the latest styles.  It was casual and bohemian chic, but heavily laid back typical of ski towns.  Really liked it.