Piotr as I knew him and we all did from Xmen is now here for ‘Ready Player One’ and he is Parzival, one of the stars for the new film to be released 29 Mar 2018. I knew him as Piotr in my mind and I was Scarlet Witch and truth is really I was the Hex Maiden and he was The Fastest Man Alive. I can’t wait to see this film. I can’t wait. Pray for midnight shows on opening night of Ready Player One which I’m hoping for.


I love the bills posted for the film. I’m a photographer that goes out looking for new poster bills and I love taking shots of them. They’ve improved over the past 6 months…becoming more savvy and more varied so you are intrigued from beginning on the artwork and of course the film.

I’m destined to see this film and I’ve already seen the preview when I saw Wrinkle in Time which was also fabulous. Go see this film as well. Gen X’ers get your butt out there and buy that tix saving your space to see the film opening night and at the minimum opening weekend. You know we’re already geeky nerds slated to see Ready Player One as we were raised on comic books, Stan Lee, and Spielberg, and Lucas. Gen Y do the same as you guys are heavily on our heels and also super geeks as well. All those carded take ye selves straight away to the movies and see these films. Remember Wrinkle is too much to not go and see…this is prime for those who read and certainly are for Gen Xers (&Boomers too). Check out my post on this at my Carbonmade site, it’s a reprint here, but it’s still good to see again.  ‘Nuff said.



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