Stuff I need……

I’ve had a Carbonmade site for maybe 4-5 years and it’s doing ok for me.  I want to talk about it here to drum up some new life to the site and new followers.  I’ve got a kickass site going I think.  It can be better and I’m always improving it, but I want more followers and more hits from it and I want more traffic to this site as well.  I have Instagram, soon a Behance site and also maybe a Creative Halo page.  I also already have the usuals….Facebook and Twitter.  Check them out and like the pages, leave comments and also follow me and my work.

LaDonna Davis Carbonmade Site

I have a company And She Saw Stars and it’s getting noticed.  I ‘ve had 2 showcases for runway and I’ve been on break for a year.  I’ve had lots of invites to show abroad and also to return to venues where I’ve already been seen, but I’m currently attending classes with the Beverly Hills Design Institute and it’s taken me away from showcasing for a bit.  I’m focusing on my writing, getting my book published, A Sprite Primer, and getting my self-published book ‘New Moon Ascendent’ purchased and sold in high numbers.  The novella can be found at,, Barnes and Noble, and  It’s $24.00.  It’s a great read and a faery tale.  It’s also a bit Grimm, but more to the leanings of Faery.  I want to get this book into libraries across the nation and even international.  I also want the book to be popular and a best seller.  I have other short stories I want to get noticed as well.  I will talk about them on other posts.  Check out my Facebook pages for my writing works.


You can get to a link of it here:  Amazon site link that sells my book