Beverly Hills Design Institute and Chuck D. & Sammy Sam of Public Enemy

I’m a student at the Beverly Hills Design Institute and was informed about the designing of a garment by Ms. Ete (an instructor at BHDI) for the artist Sammy Sam of Public Enemy who performed last night in DTLA on 6th Street in the heart of Little Bangladeshi at the Levitt Pavallion.   Sammy Sam’s latest is a great storytelling piece and the lyricism and musicality is a stunner.  I came in towards the end of his performance (parking issues as it was crowded) and heard the crowd and the mic as I approached.  The crowd bounced and I was glad to be there.  Here’s a link to his work.  Check out the video.  The sound is GREAT!!!!  But the black chic is WHACK!!!!  I apologize for her appearance and I’m allowed to comment.  I’m going to be honest I don’t think the artist or even the producer of the video really wanted her there.  I loved the Asian guy in the white coat and hat that portrayed…..I hate to say it:  the pimp.  His look is amazing.  He didn’t need the girl.  It could’ve been him and his boys and the entire party could’ve kept going which was very laid back and all about the music the vibe and the enjoyment of doing the video.  He looked totally taxed when she was in there and I know I was…..her ass was out.  Literally and figuratively and in a Faery way I was totally put out.  I don’t think Pan would approve.  Which is who I took the ‘pimp’ to be if I had to interpret his role.  He was totally out from her.  She was a stank Succubus in the wrong video.  I’m sorry lady.   I mean….I’m black and I’m going to admit it’s not really ‘racist’ as it is blackploitation of colored people who were all up in the video…which is why her moments don’t feel genuine.  Get his music.  Pray for his video director.

Now meeting him was great.  He’s very humble.  He had blond braids which were unusual, but you can tell he’s a fan of the color gold which was cool.  I loved his graphic tee and of course the 3/4 tunic sleeveless tunic (or waistcoat) (designed and constructed by Ms. Ete of the Beverly Hills Design Institute) was awesome.  It had a great weight.  I saw it in it’s stages of construction and the final weight of the garment was awesome.  It had the glitz to be seen on the stage before bright lights and stood out.  I loved how it turned out.  It was lightweight for the weather and had great color.  It popped.  Meeting Chuck D. and seeing things behind the scenes was awesome too.  I couldn’t believe I actually was able to meet him.  I’ve been a fan of Public Enemy since University of Michigan.  To meet him was too cool.  He loved what he was doing and folks in the back was lively.


If you want to see more of Chuck D. check out his artistry.  It’s awesome.

Chuck D: Reception & Print Release