2021 Los Angeles Automobile Show Press Days: Day 1 And She Saw Stars

Its time again for the Los Angeles Automobile Show and Press Days are upon us. It is hoppin’ and car designs are the top ticket. I know we have our various classes of cars but I am going to tell you what stood out were your classic automobile airfoil class with emphasis on hatchback inclusion. In addition was the SUV class done like your classic automobile type: class for family but with an eye to sustainability that will knock your socks off. Chevrolet Trailblazer is an all around winner. I am driving a sleek 2021 myself that I recently purchased. Well worth the investment. Then show stealer, in my eyes, upstart Fisker coming in with a design and a plan to take the kill grabbing press crawls and fingertips all over their floor model. No small feat. The Fisker Press Conference was one not to be missed and I am going over my own humble captures to try and relay what an exciting time was had at THAT exhibition sector.

Fisker boasts sustainability and interest in ownership that reminds of another upstart brand Saturn who was too soon with their business approach it was so new. I bought one and have it still and look for a triumphant return one day from their likes. However Fisker showed what ‘legs’ really means and presented a plan I could believe in. Recycled tshirts for interior design. Too much And She Saw Stars as my own designs feature recycled tees.

Fisker is to be watched as he stunned me cold with his boldness. Invest here. You will not regret it. The time spent checking them out in any form is time well spent. So on Public Days go. Online cruising for more Fisker? Go. I would also highly recommend a purchase of their designs. I have a background in test and although it’s primarily aircraft….an airfoil is an airfoil and Thrust to Drag is Thrust to Drag even at Sea Level (SL) or below it depending on altitude. You can tell the car has the ability to ‘dig in’ and I could see it right at home in a mid-West clime. Slush and salt and everything. Even black ice.

They smell like longevity anyway you look at it and I will watch their latest developments with interest; we stand to gain much.

I must be honest that I find the automobile especially modern designs very akin to air breathing engines. You have a huge grill that moves through a boundary layer generating laminar flow to get to an engine under the hood of a car. There can be chances for choking and such as well as FOD. Electric charged vehicles are keen technology and developments in this field continue to move swift. I find these electric car propulsion not too dissimilar to an ionic engine propulsion interest. Everything lies in proving the technology.

Fisker had everyone wowed by its latest developments in the field. Even I stood hopeful as I find the technology to still be in the test range. That’s not a bad thing for me to say at all as the development of the motor engine went through similar stages. The lifecycle of design includes product development that gets the latest vetted developments to the customer for further testing as well as confirmation of expected parameters of performance identified during the vetting of the technology. These can lead to new future designs that take advantage of field feedback which can be a great part of the process: user feedback.

Ownership he spoke of and I bought into it. Being from Detroit these are things that warm the heart and make the hands move to test out…..get in….and drive away. Take a look and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. It’s very clear they do and it shows in great ways: a product to look forward to with their first deliveries still on schedule. Nothing like great program management to put the heart at ease.

A no-brainer here. Love them. Love their style. Love their brand. Worthwhile investment.