Vancouver Fashion Week 2021

I have had the fortune of covering VFW virtually and it has been great. I was a designer for them in 2016 and had a great show. I do hope to show for them again. Here is a highlight from my own show:

A review of my work on Olio by Marilyn is above. Check it out. Near end of the piece. I love the review and yes, draping is one of my specialties. I was so glad she noted it. Love photography by Ed Ng!

i participated in their live chat last night and was able to see TOOT. A great show. I had much to say about them. Men’s undergarments are in a new high lately with daring trends from across many design borders such as German tweaks, and American sensibilities to include Italian daring and likely other European insights into to male form as it moves in over attire.

i must admit some made me blush as straps hugged the glutes like ski gear. I wondered what required such design choices. Then I was out. To the streets to check out street style and got my answer. Quick and languishing stares at male rears showed that denim became superstar likely from this style.

if you start at 2:42:00 you will see the JA collection. Another favorite followed immediately by TOOT. Check them out as well as my comments on the live chat at that timeframe. You will see how it is needed to understand that undergarments are yes their own style and worthy of runway but really are worn under other garments to accentuate the form with more than comfort but also functionality such that the outer garment shines and stands out. If done well of course the wearer is automatically eye catching.

Favorites from the JA collection include a lovely blue dress with tiered ruffle layering as well as a smashing skirt/faux slack look. It was really a long skirt on one side that seemed as if one side was slack. Also loved pant combo worn by one model. The black slacks were awesome. The cut was amazing. Would totally