2021 Los Angeles Comic Con in Full Swing!

Sigh! It’s nothing like a great costume party and good times. It’s the Comic-Con and it is another time for more great times and pop culture.

And She Saw Stars usually attends the Comic-Con. I usually cover everything from trends to costumes, to what’s going on in the industry with design and then also what’s going on with shows and film.

This year is a little different. I’m working primarily remotely. It’s because I have breast cancer and I’m still healing. What I did this time was send out eight different packets of interviews via my POCs with NRPR for different celebrities attending the show. I sent one to Zachary Levi, one to Rob Liefeld, one for Nichelle Nichols, one for Mae Jamison, one for Charles Bolden, and one for G. Esposito. I also developed a general question that could go into any moderator for any panel on the topic of climate change. This way something from And She Saw Stars could get to every panel.

Now when you ask about climate change most people think immediately of the Earth, but if you really look at it you can think about climate change and the comic book industry. How is the climate changed in the industry? What climate do you want to see in the industry and what changes do you want to see to the climate of pop culture and comic books? What about comic cons and also in your neighborhood? With covid there has been a lot of climate change. We now have to wear masks going outside. We now have to wear masks inside events and at various venues. We have to practice social distancing in events where it’s meant to bring people together: these are changes to the climate.

I thought about these changes and wanted to get a question in to the floor or to the panel wherever necessary for people to comment about climate change and think bigger than just the Earth (even though it’s taking place on the Earth); it’s really taking place in your face.

So how to cover the Comic-Con remotely?

it is difficult to be sure. But checking in with the live stream and Instagram helps. I’m able to see how things are going and still comment on the Comic Con and what I think is relevant about comic books trends and the genre. It looks like there’s tons going on and a lot of good discussion. I did ask for clips and responses from people who answered my climate change question wherever it made it in so I can cover it on my site.

Once inspired I also wanted to take a look at the various exhibitors to see if there might be opportunities to get donations for And She Saw Stars like t-shirts that could be used for design as I use recycled t-shirts to design gowns and garments and this is something that might be useful. The entire topic of climate change came to me via a request to get And She Saw Stars to showcase designs at the 2022 Eco Fashion Week in Perth Australia. Getting potential sponsors from the 2021 Los Angeles Comic Con seemed like a great opportunity.

The 2021 Los Angeles Comic Con is under way. Can’t wait to see what I get to report.

In the meantime here is something from my 2019 attendance.