Cosplay is Trending at 2021 Los Angeles Comic Con but all I see is a chance to comment on fashion design and construction

Cosplay is popular. That’s great. But what’s really popular is fashion. Designing and constructing a design based on a favorite character or your own creation is always great times.

I love seeing designs once completed. It’s a great chance to comment on the the fashion design and how the design was put together. The character I’m only interested in when it comes to the portrayal of the character via the costume or fashion. This is because the fashion and or costume is important to the portrayal of the character. This then becomes an opportunity to understand why the costume was created and why the individual chose that character. It is then of course interesting to understand how the individual feels about the costume. Is it accurate or not? Things such as how does the costume or how does the fashion make you feel does not necessarily matter so much in these instances. This is usually because the individual is more into the character than into the fashion. This is sometimes why the fashion suffers. The costume is not necessarily as clearly made as it could be when it comes to looking at seams and looking at him and looking at how the sleeve fits into the bodice if it is a dress or how the sleeve fits into the jacket if it is something of a character from perhaps a particular century. You were then really witnessing a fan of the character. It is difficult to find a fan of a character as well as the costume. I know I am using the word fashion but really a costume becomes fashion when it is properly constructed. This opinion is not limited to garments after all boxes have walked the runway as well as garbage bags. If the construction is off then it is not fashion when it comes to runway. When it comes to Cosplay? It’s not a great costume. You have to love the fan and the designer. It is a rough road to the creation of a garment.

This year showed a lot of emphasis on anime and gaming characters. Sailor Moon is a favorite and was also seen along with metal soldiers and walking boxes. All great but I must admit construction has improved since my early years at comic cons and more importantly you can tell these are originals as opposed to a purchased costume in some cases. I am always down for the original creation as there is a great sense of completion when you go from drawing to a garment or outfit.

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