Fashion Week in Melbourne: OSSOM

I received a press release on fashion and runway in Australia and as I am a big fan of Australian design I am talking about it here. Below though is an exact reprint of their release. My original comments will be noted as needed. All imagery has been provided by their offices.

Before we dig in though let’s see some highlights from 2021 Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Now on to OSSOM

Brisbane, Queensland – 30 November 2021 – Brisbane based slow fashion brand OSSOM Australia showcased three looks from their Elemental Collection in Fashion Capsule, an exhibit as part of Melbourne Fashion Week 2021. On display at Collins Place, 45 Collins Street, it featured a collection of works from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island artists, fashion designers and collaborating artists from around Australia.

Tiwi Designs by OSSOM x Fashion Capsules: Bringing high fashion to the streets of Melbourne, Fashion Capsules gave the public the opportunity to wander through the streets and laneways to discover a diverse community of talented Australian creatives.

OSSOM’s Elemental Collection, featuring handmade slow fashion garments made of beautiful silk, cotton, and linen fabrics handprinted by Aboriginal artists from the Tiwi Designs Art Centre were among the 76 designers and artists chosen for the exhibition. The three outfits selected feature bold, minimalistic designs with geometrical lined details and flowing silhouettes.

The pieces were designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing wardrobe to create a capsule collection that can be mixed and matched to create endless amounts of new looks.

“I’m really proud to see that First Nations Art and Textiles occupies more and more space in the Australian and International fashion industry. It’s wonderful to see so many incredible works from truly wonderful designers and artists that beautifully showcase and communicate art, heritage and sustainability by means of clothing, created and curated by Melbourne Fashion Week” says Olga, founder and designer of OSSOM.

To explore and shop OSSOM’s Elemental Collection featuring handprinted tops, pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, scarves and more created with premium quality natural fabrics, head to their website at the link below:

The Elemental

And She Saw Stars comment: Just a screenshot here. There is more to see and shop at the site so check it out!

OSSOM Australia founded by Olga Bryukhovets; OSSOM Australia makes stylish, unique, and timeless slow fashion accessible to everyday women. Olga is inspired by the beauty, gracefulness, and intelligence of women all around the world. OSSOM’s collections are designed to make women look, and most importantly feel, special and exude confidence. With the preservation of the environment top of mind, OSSOM’s clothing is handmade with natural fibres and is made to order to eliminate over-production.

OSSOM is known for bright prints and simple comfortable styles that become the foundation of your wardrobe with each piece beautifully complementing each other and the clothing you already own.

For more information please contact: Olga Bryukhovets | OSSOM Australia Founder and

Phone:. +61450647756

And She Saw Stars Commentary

Australian Fashion Weeks are always cool to attend. I find that getting in on this press release is a chance to expose my audiences to this term of ‘slow fashion’. I will do a bit more research but I will take a stab that this references waiting for demand to guide your production line. This is good sense obviously and even And She Saw Stars is into filling orders when requested as well as ‘one-off’ designs meaning that what walks the runway ‘is it’. Each garment is an original and if there is any interest you may be able to get something ‘like’ it but never exact as each design is constructed when requested.

I also have the good fortune of being invited to show next year at the 2022 Eco Fashion Week in Perth Australia. I would have similar opportunities to have 2-3 of my designs on display at an exhibit. From this press release you can see it’s a great introduction to a brand as well as an opportunity to see a showcased designer in the event you missed the show.

My designs are unique and I look forward to attending. If interested in supporting And She Saw Stars get to Perth please consider donating to the brand. A PayPal Pool has been started to help raise initial funds. A link can be found here. More can be found on dedicated pages to Eco Fashion Week on this site as well. The campaign ends in December 31 2021 so act fast!

Bio on LaDonna J Davis of And She Saw Stars

LaDonna J Davis is the current force behind And She Saw Stars, a brand started in 2014 while she attended FIDM in Los Angeles studying fashion design. The brand is still a growing ‘student’ brand and is not yet in stores but has been seen on the runways of Vancouver Fashion Week 2016 and FashioNXT runway 2017. The brand has recently been invited to show at the Eco Fashion Week in Perth Australia November 2022 and is looking for sponsors.

A PayPal Pool has been set up to help raise funds. Full requirements will be available on starting December 2021. So go there for updates and details of how funding will be used.

LaDonna J Davis is originally from Detroit, MI USA and is a graduate of UMich Ann Arbor with a Bachelor degree in aerospace engineering. She is a veteran of the USAF where she served as an officer and engineer from 1995-2012. She was honorably discharged as a LtCol in 2012 due to medical and was released due to a recovery from a surgery (myomectomy) that went longer than expected. Upon separation she pursued a Fashion design degree from FIDM in Los Angeles to retrain and received an Associate’s degree in 2014. It was at this time she learned she had breast cancer. Rather than succumb to a pathway of further illness she decided to pursue further fashion training. A brief stint at RMIT in Melbourne Australia led to And She Saw Stars first press appearance where she took photography for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney Australia. Upon her return she busied herself with making her student brand known as an outlet as well as a fashion brand. She has shown in Vancouver Fashion Week 2016 and FashioNXT 2017 and quickly became highly sought for designs made from recycled materials such as tshirts. She continued her studies and took on a Pattern design degree at the Beverly Hills Design Institute where she was forced to take an absence due to a downward turn of events. In 2019 she became the victim of police brutality in Phoenix AZ where she was stricken twice in the left breast by a police officer. She is dealing with cancer and the subsequent loss of her left breast due to cancer and brutality.

During this time she lost much of her household goods as well as endured much discrimination due to racism. It is only recently in 2021 that she has started moving And She Saw Stars again to allow her brand to flourish in spite of cancer and though living in her car she hopes to see a restoration of her life and brand such that her future can hold opportunities and a focus that extends beyond racism and beyond myomectomies and breast cancer.

LaDonna J Davis is also a graduate of Loughborough University with a Master of Science in aeronautical engineering. She is also a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated. She hopes her brand will one day develop into a full business of couture design with strong impacts in the fields of writing, culture and design.

She can be reached via Her site is and Her breast cancer campaign can be found at Go Fund Me. Please follow on Instagram (below) and Twitter @ladonnadavis13 and FB And She Saw Stars page and consider subscribing to her YouTube channel And She Saw Stars.

Thank you for your time and consideration.