The State of Comic Books: The collector, the book and the Torpedo

So we have the wrap up of the 2021 Los Angeles Comic Con. There was much to see and do. The schedule was packed. Yours Truly had to cover remote as I was having issues with a breast cancer wound. Despite the horrors of such, I was able to still get some good coverage. I am hoping for more to come in as I sent questions ahead with the hopes of getting inside comments on the industry as well as insights into the appearances of various VIPs across multiple industries such as TV, film, art, and NASA. This is great but I am hoping for insights from the floor. This is because in the end after everyone has twirled their last twirl, it is a comic book convention not a space or science fiction convention. Now before everyone gets in an uproar let’s think back that before all the glitter it was perhaps a bunch of folks with their treasured books and over time it evolved into the mega million to billion dollar industry gathering we have now. Who remembers the early years of the San Diego Convention? I started going in 1995 and even volunteered. I worked that beat and look at how huge it has become. However again at the end of the day after the last Cosplay twirl and the last gaming card has dropped, it is still a comic book convention and even in 1995 the San Diego Comic Book con was a large beast. But what I remember most is that the magic took place on the floor at the booths talking to favorite comic book inkists, storyboard writers, and character artists. Everyone had a sketchbook or a portfolio. There were scavenger hunts to win comic books or comic book art. I won cool Spawn gear that way one year.

So this article is for the comic book guys. I’m from Michigan and so everyone is a guy. Where are comic books going? Do we care? Of course. Main Stage interviews with folks like Miller tell us so. But what about when you amble over to the exhibitors? Are you keen? Of course. It’s comic books. But are you going to buy? Likely. Main Stage interviews and autographs by artists steer you their way. Especially if you started out a collector. And I did. Way back in the 70s my Lulu and Little Dot and Ritchie Rich collection was hot stuff! The glamour faded over time and as I grew to the age of 12 I switched to super heroes! My first one was X-Men with Storm on the cover turning into a Brood. So what is the latest goings on for comic book valuation systems and comic book protection gear?

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