Breast Cancer Campaign 2021 Budget Report

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LaDonna Davis Go Fund Me Breast Cancer Campaign Budget Report

22 December 2021


Funding has been received kicking off the Go Fund Me Breast Cancer Campaign for LaDonna Davis.  To date $575.00 US has been donated.  It has been used to pay for parking for a doctor appointment along with a payment for the car; which is used to go to doctor appointments and primary residence at this point.


  1. To get fully funded.  Any new updates will be handled in other short reports.
  2. Publish next year budget update at the end of 2022.  It will detail how funds have been used to date.


The goal of the breast cancer campaign is $350,000.00.: 

Why this amount?  It is an amount that will likely cover perhaps 2-3 years support for breast cancer treatment.  It is an estimated number that can cover payoff of the vehicle; a 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer that was purchased to get around for treatments.  Amount still owed is $25,000.00.  It is also the primary residence of LaDonna as she is living in her car.  In addition to gas and car insurance there are other expenses such as car parking which at one point was $300.00. or so a month.  

Other expenses such as dental to cover as cancer can mean more brittle teeth and nails.  Bills from these sectors can run $6000.00 a year and does not include other maintenance such as hair.  

LaDonna has lost her left breast due to cancer and police brutality experienced in Arizona which resulted in the loss of her belongings.  A successful campaign means funding for wound care and rehabilitation of her left arm which has taken a loss due to lymphadema and is in a sling.  Her left hand and arm size must be restored and the fingers rehabilitated so that she can hopefully return to school and the study of fashion design.  Her brand And She Saw Stars is often sought for a runway showcase but  due to cancer and an inability to get studio space or a place to live she is left waiting for better times.

Money of course would be used to secure lodging.  Hopefully a plan for 2-3 years so as to allow time for rehabilitation at the new space.  If you do a budget of $100,000.00 a year that would include an apartment.  That would then allow for treatment of the wound as well as rehabilitation of the chest and arm to take place at home with the procurement of home trainers and healers and doctors.  Though the loss of the left breast is permanent it’s hoped that healing can be done and life move on so that living can be more than just cancer.

Currently chemotherapy and radiation therapies are not part of the healing profile.  Though a targeted therapy was being used a breakdown in continuous care came in such that the patient had to continue without.  This is why it is important to note that though authorization may be obtained it does not guarantee a continuous service of care.  It also does not guarantee the reimbursement of fees already paid as voucher as of this time reporting have been backlogged 5-6 months.


There are some milestones achieved despite setbacks.

The first donations to the Go Fund Me Campaign came in this past Autumn 2021.

Initial donations prior to the start of the campaign came in from Komen, Living Beyond Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Angels.  The funding though short term helped to pay for the car payments on the Chevrolet Trailblazer and was very helpful and timely.  Special thanks to them for their support.  It led to the development of this campaign.

Please Donate

Without contributions it’s pretty easy to see that things aren’t guaranteed and that funding is important.  It is unknown if surgery will come into play in the future.

If further details are required please ask.  A press release was recently sent out to garner interest and support.

The fund campaign can be found at the following link: