Eco Fashion Week in Perth Australia November 2022

And She Saw Stars has been invited to show at the 2022 Eco Design Fashion Week in Perth Australia in November! This is the brand’s first show in 3 years since the designer LaDonna J Davis entered a challenging time of her life in 2019. During that year she endured 2 punches to her left breast from a Phoenix AZ police officer while driving through to visit the VA hospital for more insight into her options for her left breast as it related to breast cancer. She was also slated to cover the annual Tucson Arizona Gemstone Festival as press. While there she also endured much racism as well as forced admission into the VA hospital to force her into a particular path for breast cancer treatment. She successfully exerted her right to choose but at much cost as there is a stigma that choosing to not go through chemotherapy or radiation treatment is an indicator for reduced judgment and cause to force hospital admission against good ethics and patients rights to choose how to engage their pathway to healing. During this time she lost all her goods and in July 2019 her mother died.

Due to nature of the wound the breast began to degrade and as a result of breast cancer and the brutality, she now has one breast. Though the right breast is hanging in there, there is no guarantee it will not also be lost one day.

Despite the current state of her place with breast cancer, LaDonna Davis has decided to start engaging again as And She Saw Stars having covered the 2021 Los Angeles Automobile Show and soon Los Angeles Comic Con. Her successful return is an indication that the journey with breast cancer is always more than being about breast cancer as she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 not too long after being medically discharged honorably due to her battle with anemia and uterine fibroids from the United States Air Force. She left as a Lieutenant Colonel with a specialization in test and engineering analysis. It is strange to go from a climate of ‘zero tolerance’ to a climate where police brutality, racism and violence against women is tolerated.

The injustices during this time have not yet been properly reviewed or vetted. It is hoped there will be resolution in the future.

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