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In addition to designing the hair pieces worn by the models, I was also the fashion stylist for the shoot.
In addition to designing the hair pieces worn by the models, I was also the fashion stylist for the shoot.

STYLING: If you’re looking for a stylist for a shoot or film, please contact me.  I’ve styled for one mock bridal shoot Robyn Preston Photography done in 2012 and since then I’ve styled for all of my own shoots.  Sample of my own street photography. I love this shot for its verve. Taken in New Orleans.

Depending on what you need I’m able to come in on a project to the extent that is needed.  If styling an entire shoot I can source garment from local stores/designers (where I initiate contact; do the research; send you images; advise/consult), handle the clothing during and after the shoot (bringing to site; fitting the models; etc.); but I also design pieces for this shoot (hair pieces & garments (though these might take longer due to design process)).

Samples of my own photography shoots:

Image of my niece (Vivian) at my grandmother’s house modeling Detroit gear
Model/Fellow classmate (Nia) from FIDM
Model: Hannah Nunez. This shoot was held at FIDM as part of a workshop.

My portfolio from the bridal shoot can be seen here on my Carbonmade portfolio site.  Other details about the shoot can be seen here on my Pinterest site that show the stockists and folks that participated on the projects.  Items such as props I procured from local prop shops.

Photoshoot for (jewelry) owned by Holly Anne Mitchell (designer).
Photoshoot for (jewelry) owned by Holly Anne Mitchell (designer).

Rate A: For advising/consulting on a shoot or project for styling $100 for 2 hours.

Rate B: For styling an entire shoot; researching clothing/costumes; bringing clothing to shoot (2-3 looks) and handling clothing after shoot; fittings/dressing models; etc. is $800 per project; BUT if you have the clothing/accessories or part like you already have the clothing, but only need accessories then I can work with you and what you need for your project (rates will vary accordingly).

If interested pitch me your project/synopsis and I’ll look it over and tell you if I can do it or not.  Contact me at

FASHION DESIGN:  I am a graduate from FIDM with a degree in Fashion Design.  I graduated in Dec 2014 and while in school as well as afterwards I have been doing my own fashion design in women’s clothing.  I have done some hats and hair pieces as well as gown and dresses. 

The Dianey Hat Design
Music Paper Hat design

The garments shown below are samples.   The dresses have been used in photoshoots:  The Punk Rock Gown was worn by me to the Virgin Atlantic Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) and was photographed.  You can see the shot under the Press/Media page

(If you are interested in modeling, please contact me via email with an image and your dimensions (body/height) and I’ll add you to the list.  I’m interested in most body types as I’m just starting out.) 


I am also able to design on demand for a particular event.  Fabrics I’m working with mainly right now are jersey and recycled t-shirts as shown below.  I can design something unique depending on theme using recycled t-shirts such as rock n’ roll tshirts or graphic tees that might revolve around a topic (like numbers or tattoos or the circus, for example).  All designs are one-of-a-kind and another gown designed like the one below will have a similar shape, but will not necessarily be the exact same design. 

I am able to incorporate design features if so desired (such as sleeveless, slits, etc.).  My stitching is very much distressed intentionally to capture an urban or edgy vibe. 

Pricing will start at $200 and will include (fittings, research into fabrics and styles).  Generally this type of work will take 3-4 weeks depending on complexity.

The Alice Dress

The Rock Dress

The Punk Rock Gown

 Gown Credits:  2014 Charity Event with Uncut Casting (no PR images, but images from the fitting), 2015 Grammy’s (no PR images, but images from the fitting only), 2015 VAMFF (PR Images at Press/Media Page)

My latest designThe Guinevere Tunic (available for placing order email:




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