LaDonna J Davis Breast Cancer Campaign Go Fund Me

December 6, 2021


LaDonna J Davis of And She Saw Stars is currently fighting a battle with breast cancer.  She was diagnosed in 2014 and in recent years the breast cancer has taken a turn for the worst having lost her left breast due to cancer and police brutality when she was hit in the left breast twice by a Phoenix Arizona police officer in 2019.

During this time she lost most of her belongings and endured much racism and patient rights violations while in Phoenix Arizona.

A breast cancer campaign was started when it became apparent that breast cancer treatment requires many years of rehabilitation and though she was honorably discharged in 2012, she was not medically retired. The time spent attending appointments and paying for needed items such as car which is needed to get to appointments as well as gas can add up.  This does not include costs associated with rent or living expenses when one is getting treatment away from home or costs associated with live in help.  Many short term funding has been exhausted and reliable support via the VA is not always possible as issues encountered as a result of cancer surrounding dental issues are not covered and such are additional costs.  The initial amount identified as a goal is $350,000.  This amount is likely to handle all initial costs associated with cancer treatment as well and help to set up a place to stay in the area as current conditions revolve around living in her car as most goods were lost during 2019 as a result of problems encountered in Phoenix.  Other issues such as having assistance with long term rehabilitation should also be covered.  The campaign is live at Go Fund Me on and the campaign can be found by looking up breast cancer campaign and LaDonna Davis.  It is hoped the campaign will go viral such that the goal is achieved.

Key Details

LaDonna J Davis is a veteran of the USAF having been honorably discharged at the end of 2012 when a myomectomy surgery did not heal fast enough.  Having served almost 18 years she was discharged without a retirement.  A year or so later she was then informed she had breast cancer.  Your support of this campaign will go a long way to help secure a rocky path to recovery.  It is likely to be a life time experience as the left breast is gone and is undergoing wound treatment.  It is uncertain if the other breast will be lost as well.  Updates to the campaign take place at Go Fund Me online. Go Fund Me Breast Cancer Campaign

Currently there isn’t any funding in place to assist.  It was determined that a campaign was needed when costs began to accrue that were associated with breast cancer treatment.

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