The ‘Bounty’: Shopping And She Saw Stars Trends for 2020 Year of Second Death

I wanted to take this page and redo it; make it something more interesting and then show a bit more about my trend analysis work.  This thing of trend analysis is important and talking about items that one might purchase that are of these trends and how a trend analysis might be used is useful.  I decided to make this the Bounty Page topic and see how it goes.  It might generate interest and also explain to potential buyers of my work how the trend analysis details might be used.

I made the above video in Melbourne Australia when I was studying there as an exchange student. I was going to Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) as a fashion design student. I didn’t finish the program unfortunately as I ran into racism while there. It was very odd to encounter. I didn’t really believe there would be racism there, but I did encounter behaviors I found it eventually intolerable to continue to endure. So I disenrolled. I hope to go back one day and complete the program as they teach a curriculum there that isn’t encountered anywhere else.

What I ended up doing was taking charge of the situation and started doing my own video taping and commentary on fashion in Australia. I did it as a part of And She Saw Stars. The year was 2015. I had the great fortune to cover the Virgin Atlantic Melbourne Fashion Festival. It was my first attempt at going as press and trying to obtain credentials. It was difficult, but I was given a sort of nod as a student and attendee to take video and stills, but from the seating not the photographers’ area. It was not a bother and I learned a lot. I had one of my designs on and it was seen by the press and photographed. I was also very fortunate in that I was able to cover the Sydney Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as press.

Guess what? Warthogs are in for 2020. Wild boars, pigs, sows are trends for the Year 2020. What does this mean? Look for pigs in ceramics, also in graphics. Look to see what’s going on with spiders. Charlotte’s web and children’s stories featuring farms are in. Also stories told by animals are in meaning children’s books and films where the animals speak are in for 2020. This also means looking for stuffed animal toys are in, but especially those that are pigs, sows, and warthogs. Singing warthogs are especially in so movies like the Lion King that feature such scenes are popular, but so is singing opera and things of opera popular for 2020. You’ll see below that we are going to hit many themes that are trends for Year 2020 in the video below and that is opera, Paris, France, travel, the macabre, stage favorites such as Phantom of the Opera are a hit as well as theaters that house opera and ballet which will on trend as well. Looking at this video you’ll see that perhaps the source material for Phantom of the Opera originated in the Opera House in Paris. Check it out.

Paper crafts are in and on trend in 2020 to include doing things of crafts at home and DIY. Paper Source is a great shop to peruse and buy at also consider sites such as Etsy and Ebay where you can purchase paper crafts as art pieces. Wall art is in as well.

Things of death are in yes, but particular aspects of death such as metaphors of death. Artists such as Frida are in and things like ghosts are popular as these are things that get a sort of second life via art; other concepts such as afterlives and Days of the Dead are in for trends. The study of cultures that honor the Dead and Ancestors are also on trend so having artifacts from reputable places like museums and gift shops are important. Attending festivals are also important and so purchasing tickets to such events or hosting such events like a book club that reads of ancient cultural practices of honoring the ancestors might be something to consider. Fine dining is in and of course is an opportunity for a great death metaphor either through the bill or via the ambience of the restaurant or perhaps from the meal itself which can be as if a feast for things remembered. Travel to Torrance California is also considered part of a 2020 trend and is a great place to enjoy great culture, great dining, and great shopping.

Who hasn’t heard of ‘death by chocolate’ which is classic to consider as a trend associated with feasting, ‘death’ again and again from too much enjoyment, and ‘death’ from too much beauty…..a feast for the eyes another trend and so over indulgence is a theme which can translate into ‘a more’ approach. Check out the site for Compartes and experience a feast for the eyes that may translate into a great buy in their online shop.

Warthogs are in. If you’re not familiar with the A-10 aircraft part of the USAF fleet then take a look at the aircraft that is an homage to the warthog animal. The piece below is a great piece to think about trends for 2020 and to expand into the area of model aircraft that might be great gifts for the veterans in your life, future engineers, future aircraft pilots and even aircraft enthusiasts. There are almost too many trends here to speak of, but the point of having this beaut in this article is to show that with creativity you can expand on what’s possible to see as inspiration for design.

Feast again and take a little trip to your local Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for it’s a trend on the rise for 2020. Blended drinks such as these that feature layers of flavors and are visually appealing are also all favs for 2020. I love this cafe and it’s a great place for writers, even writers in their cars during a Covid environment. ‘Cafe-ing’ in one’s car and working ‘at home’ are all themes and real experiences for many in 2020. Making a trip here is great time spent and they have an awesome rewards program. Again too many trends to pull out: flavors, feasts for the tongue, taste, smell, senses, sensuality which comes from enjoying food and the joy of flavors on taste buds are all in. Great deals on non-alcoholic drinks are in so give them a try as they are great. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf have quite a few that are all flavorful.

Things that have been curated are trends for 2020 Year of Second Death and so that means stylists and costumers are good investments and time. Taking the time to edit your closet is also a trend for 2020 so take that time and go through. Looking at what you’ve worn and how many times is another trend and so changing out your threads for new ones is another trend: shop, but shop wisely….meaning curate your buys and shop smart: go over your budget and remember you are stimulating an economy that is perhaps in a stage of death….giving mouth to mouth resuscitation in a figurative way. If you read my blog post that talks about 2020 Year of Second Death trends you’ll see that wearing trends again is part of the theme thread of the year so vintage shopping is in, thrift shopping is in, handing garments over you no longer need to a friend and doing a swap is in along with wearing clothes that you wore once when you were younger.

This is a sample of my style of trend analysis and will be part of a trend analysis book focusing on the year that will be put together and published via Lulu Publishing. As soon as it’s available, I’ll update on my blog. It’s July 2020 now and should be available hopefully later in the year. If you’re interested please email me and let me know. My email is If you’re interested in supporting And She Saw Stars, please check out my YouTube Channel video that talks about how you can donate to And She Saw Stars. I do have a Paypal Pool and the link will also be below, but if you send via Paypal to it will reach me.

So you’ve made it to the end of my sample And She Saw Stars trend analysis. The full booklet, once completed and published will be available for sale at Lulu Publishing ( Check here regularly for updates or the blog which might feature another commentary on what’s on trend as well as what’s been discovered for 2020. Where do I get my information? Well I do a lot of prayer and also meditation which gives me great insight for what might be popular during any particular year and also for future years. I do a lot of research and observation as well and I also pull together what I believe are my thoughts on what will become popular. I work with Pinterest and also art to hone in on what’s inspirational. I also chat with many people and do a lot of watching. I’ve been doing trend analysis since I was young working with my mother looking at fashion. Growing up watching dress, home decor and reading magazines cultivated an eye for trends and led to the eventual development of an aerospace engineer and classical archaeologist. It also evolved to where I am today: a fashion designer with an art and engineering background. It’s a lot of work doing fashion trend analysis and I do have to spend quite a bit of time developing, editing, curating and validating my analysis against what I see in the marketplace. It can be rewarding. If you’re interested in supporting my efforts check out my video above on donating to And She Saw Stars and consider ‘Giving What You Can’. I’m looking for backers and investors so I can do more with And She Saw Stars; expanding it as a Brand and also as a source for good materials & products such as trend analysis, writing, couture designs, coverage of interesting events such as the Los Angeles Auto Show. You can check out my YouTube Channel And She Saw Stars and subscribe. You can also follow me on Instagram as And She Saw Stars. You can follow me on Twitter as @LaDonnaDavis13. You can check out my other site: to see my e-portfolio. You can check back to both sites regularly and see what’s the latest. You can buy my book ‘New Moon Ascendant’ at Lulu Publishing ( which is a novella about Faery and the folk that dwell there ($30USD harcopy/$25USD eBook). Donations received via PayPal will go towards tuition to complete my Beverly Hills Design Institute Pattern Design degree (advance training) or will go towards the development of a studio space.