Trend Analysis: Year of Second Death 2020

Year of Second Death 2020

Image taken by photographer from Creative Entrepreneur Workshop circa 2013 name forgotten

So originally I saw 2020 as the Year for Return of the Goddess. This is what I would be reporting on. Return of gowns and femininity and courtly ideals in style. I think some of this did come forward, but in the end of 2018 it was very clear that 2020 would be a Year of Second Death. What would this mean for fashion and style? Well it would be a year of repeat fashion. Old trends being recycled and things of wearing it again Sam would be the vibe of the year. This would also mean fitting into things that you had saved from years past and now fit better; perhaps a return to an old size or a new one and now finally this new size range opens up and also finally those pants I bought 10 years ago can now be worn. It would also mean wearing the same crap again that you always worn: not redesigning you and so perhaps things of mundane style being useful and attractive. These are the things for 2020. I’m predicting 2021 to be the Year of the Child….but we will see and I will provide updates.

Now for those of you that are into trend analysis for your business and also for your designs and also just for interest please know that I will be designing books for my Trend Analysis. You can purchase these books hopefully starting next month. I will start with Year of the Man which was 2017. This book though for a past year is still moving through the shops and should be a good analysis book for 7 years (through to 2024). I will then do Year of Color 2018 and then Year of Death 2019 and then move on to Year of Second Death 2020. The books at this moment will be available likely through Lulu Publishing. Costs $100.00 per book.

Year of Death 2019 (Synopsis)

So its half the way through the year and I’ve not been able to update my trend analysis.  2019 is the Year of Death.  It’s been really like that all year so far such that writing and updating the blog has been not on my menu.  This is where I’ve written about the trends for 2019.

Year of Color 2018 (Synopsis)

It’s now 2018 Year of Color and there has already been one post on this topic. The Year of Color is about of course color but it’s also about people and the variety that can be found amongst people. The Year of Color is about variety and difference and enjoying the differences amongst life. There is a lot. You can see different faces. You can hear about different lifestyles. What you can also find out about are things such as circles, squares, triangles….things such as shape. Volumes are also critical. Measurements are important along with weights. Law is also important for the Year of 2018. You’ll find this in clothing. Things are closed up. Things are showing lines. Thing are showing openings of various sizes and shapes. You’ll see different silhouettes as well as new patterns. Things are being tried out. You’ll see rainbows in areas like typical places to expect rainbows like LGTB communities and June is Gay-Pride month, but you’ll also see it in the windows of the Top Shop where they’re showcasing the LGTB inspired looks and expression of color that’s great. Now the LGTB doesn’t own the rainbow, but what a great way to see it. I loved the looks of Top Shop over at The Grove in Los Angeles. The looks feature sporty looks. There’s an emphasis on denim and also jackets. Shredded and shorty denim looks are in. Colored denim is in. I also love the ‘new fanny packs’ that are bedazzled with lacey fringes and sequins. They’re taking on a messenger look that’s cool.

Comic Books are in a super heroes are also in. Check out my blog post on the latest Spielberg movie Ready Game Player One. It’s a great movie and totally year of color. You’ll see tons of folks wearing pop art. Comic book gear moving more into mainstream will also be popular. Check out this latest backpack wear. I’ve purchased a Deadpool one. I love it. Love it. Loving it.

2018 Year of Color Updates

2017 Year of the Man Trend Analysis (Synopsis):

L DavisNov 04 2015 14

2017 Year of the Man

Update! (23 Sept 16) :  I’ve completed my photography of my 2017 Year of the Man trend analysis.  It’s been a rough ride but very rewarding.  I’ve learned that my process is sound and more importantly is showing up in the world as truth and something folks can count on…..we’re already into the early ‘season’ of the Year of the Man and it’s what I will call ‘a staging period’ and a sort of transition into these new trends that are coming forward.  What I’ve come to so far is listed here.  My trend analysis will be annual and I’ve already started working my research for 2018 which is Year of Color.  The first year’s analysis I”m publishing here on my site for free so folks can see the work and afterwards the next year’s analysis will be available for $150.00 per analysis.  You’ll get a digital copy of the entire book for your use.  Licensing will likely come later if larger organizations and institutions become interested in the work either for their libraries or for use by multiple departments.  The aim is to have the 2018 Year of Color analysis available by next April 2017.  The 2017 Year of the Man analysis is primarily completed.  There will be additional works added.  It should be completed by mid-November.  Updates will be added to the analysis page when new work is completed.  Then Year of the Man analysis will be closed out and it will be up to those who use the work to incorporate it into their own efforts.  The work can be used for the fashion industry, the interior design industry, music industry, theater industry, and other areas such as food industries.  This is because it is oracular in nature.  If you have any questions, please email LaDonna Davis at

I’m wrapping up work on my first fashion trend analysis using my own intuition and observations of themes that seem to show up in the world that might be indicators for where fashion might go.  I’ve done quite a bit of research and gone out to find those items that I think best capture where the trends might go for 2017.  I call it ‘The Year of the Man’.  This is where I think we’ll find an emphasis on clothing for women that is masculine inspired like the suit (think Yves Saint Laurent) and also a turn for men to go a bit more androgynous in their dress and if not overtly in their dress then definitely in their attitude with regards to how they will select garments.  There will be less of a care for ‘strictly clear men’s wear and design lines’ and an opportunity for more unisex designs to come forward.  I think you will see more strong masculine themes in women’s designs and some of these themes will be inclusive of Spanish influences and inspirations such as the bull-fighter and even the American cowboy.  You’ll also see a return to the 50’s for women in denim, but with references to James Dean and ‘greasers’ as opposed to the circle skirts and tulles or the fitted pencil skirts often worn in the 50’s.

L DavisNov 04 2015 9

These are some of my pages and my approach to developing these vision map pages is through the use of mixed media.  I felt an artistic approach in the presentation would make it more interesting and also lend itself towards a ‘zine format in the final product.  Not all of the pages will be shown here; only a few are shown to give a hint of how the final ‘zine will appear.  The final report will be made available to the industry only.  It will be provided free of charge in an effort to get the product out to as many customers and also to build interest for the next reports that will involve a fee.  This fee is TBD, but will be nominal in comparison to traditional trend analysis reports.  It is believed that these reports will augment and fill needs that are not necessarily addressed by other trend forecasters.  These reports will not get into stats (at least it is not foreseen that this will be the case), but will primarily focus on projected themes and how these themes will affect fashion and other trends such as design in general or that might show up in home decor.  Feedback will be welcome from customers who obtain a copy.  #trendanalysis #trendforecast #trends #fashion #mensfashion #women #womensfashion #men #art #forecast #stylists #buyers #photographers #showrooms #fidm #runway #fashionweek #newyork #losangeles  #analysis

The pages will detail why the identified trends are expected to come forward and also include stockists where you can locate products that carry the vibe of the forecasted trends.  #shopping #latestbuys #finds #Oprah

If you are interested in getting the ‘zine which should be completed in the next few weeks, please send an email to or complete the form below.

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